Friday, October 9, 2009

by now you should've somehow realized what you've gotta do

Man, I love Oasis.

I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate a unicorn in a story without it being totally lame. It's hard. Unicorns come off cheesy and lame pretty easily. But I sure do love the cult classic Legend cause of how awesome the unicorns are. So, I'm trying.

Maybe in book two or three of Switched. I know I've got a lot more magic going on the second one, so a unicorn might work. Or I might end up scrapping that whole idea out of fear of cheesing it up. But I really want it, so I'll think about it and try to find a way to make it awesome.

Today wasn't a great day, but I'm working on preservering and not wallowing. Things are always changing, and sometimes they change for the better. Sometimes not, but the only way things'll ever get better is if they change.

Currently reading: Kathy Griffen "Official Book Club Selection" and "Glamorama" by Bret Easton Ellis, which is making me question my sanity because of how much I love it. Why oh why did I put off reading it for so long?!

The next House of Night books comes out in a few weeks, and I just read the first chapter online. I'll prolly read it, but I don't know why. They're not that good, but since I've know read five of the books, I feel obligated to keep reading to see how this thing ends.

The new Richelle Meade doesn't come out for awhile and that bums me out. At any rate, I think I'm gonna get a new library card and start reading more. I've been writing pretty much not stop since January, and although I'm pretty thrilled that I've been able to finish 4 books and start 2 others, maybe I should take some time to read for awhile and kick back.

It's hard, tho. Especially with Wisdom, the fourth in My Blood Approves Series. I love that series, and I'm excited to write how it all turns out. A lot of exciting stuff happens in this book. I sure wish I hadn't decided to write about vampires. When I started writing it, I had no idea how over saturated the vampire market was. If I did, I wouldn't have. I still think it's the best thing I've written, but I don't think anyone would take a second look at it cause of the vampires. Not that I blame them.

Oh well. Maybe in a year or two, if I haven't gotten anything going with Switched or Honalee or whatever else I write in the future, then maybe I can go back to trying to get My Blood Approves out there. Maybe the vampires will have died down enough where its cool to write about them again. Or maybe not.

Who knows.

2009 is supposed to be my year, tho. I gotta believe that something's gonna happen.