Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fate is now live!

That's right! Fate is now availalbe on Amazon.com for the low, low price of $.99! So if you haven't already, you should check it out!

It's the second book in the series, and it starts about 5 months after the My Blood Approves ended. Alice and Jack are walking an uneasy tightrope between friendship and dating that leaves neither of them satisfied, and Peter is M.I.A. That all changes when tragedy strikes, and Alice is forced to make a tough decision that has resounding consequences for everyone around her.

I have spent the day researching more about ebook, Kindle, iPads, and generally just trying stir interest for the My Blood Approves series. It's been a very informative but mentally exhausting day. My brain currently feels like mush. 

(Full disclosure: I actually forgot my own middle name today. That was fun.)

But onto the good things: Melanie Nowak, who has been so kind to me, has already put Fate  up on her site (even before I put it up on my own actually).

I also found this site - The Indie Spotlight. Its a site devoted to independent authors, and it has links to lots of great books and people. So you should check that when shopping for new books.

I'd also like to once again point that everybody I've encountered has been so helpful and supportive. I can't thank everyone enough for tolerating my newbie stumbling. All the speed-bumps I've encountered have been because of my lack of understanding, and I've actually been really grateful for the experiences I've had so far.

And now, since I've been up since 2 am and I have the day off, I've decided to take a nap. :P