Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the lovers, the dreamers, and me

The feature in the paper about me will be printed today, but it hasn't happened yet, so I'll talk more about that later.

What I've decided to talk about, instead, is what I'm passionate about: Muppets. 

I've just been getting a lot of Muppet news lately, which excites me to no end. (Click the links for details.)

May 16th will mark the 20 year anniversary of Jim Henson's passing. His legacy is amazing and brilliant. With puppets and imagination and a real understanding of wonder and magic, he's gone onto to inspire generations of people, and I'm sure he will for generations after. 

If you're wondering how this ties into my writing, I'll tell you how: I can't think of any other person that had such a profound effect on my ability to imagine, dream, and tell stories. When I was young, all my stories were basically fanfaction to the works of Jim Henson.

(The only one I remember vividly involved a British princess named Isabella going through a labyrinth and something with a unicorn and David Bowie.)

Jim Henson continues to inspire me today. Vampires may not seem a direct relation to him, but urban fantasy is, and I've written about a lot more than vampires.

More than that, he is the direct motive for me finally publishing my books and working so hard on this.

In October, the Jim Henson exhibit filled with Muppets, props, and everything Henson will be in Chicago - the closest it comes to where I live. I need to save up money to go, and I'm hoping that I'll make enough money over the summer (in conjunction with my full-time job working with people with disabilities). 

So, here's to you, Jim Henson: For teaching to me dream when I was a kid, and inspiring me to reach for my dreams as an adult.