Thursday, May 6, 2010

we're not unreasonable; I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes

My brain just shut off. I could feel it. One moment, I was fine, and then it was like a switch. My brain is off. And I have Jonathan Coultan's "Re: Your Brains" stuck in my head, so its not all bad.

Apparently, my total lack of sleep is turning me into a zombie.

But I just wanted to ask a quick question before I watch Vampire Diaries and then go off to eat your brains. I mentioned earlier today that I planned on giving promotional items away in conjunction with the release of Flutter at the end of this month. 

And my question is: What kind of stuff would you like? My beloved roommate Eric suggested Fefe Dobson CD's, but I'm putting that as a plan B right now.

Paperback copies of the books are the most obvious choice. But if I do that, should it be books 1-3? Or Just the 3rd one? Do you want them autographed? I mean, I don't really feel like my autograph is a valuable commodity, but that's mostly because its horrible. 

What about bookmarks? Collages? I do make really lame collages, and I could make one as a prize, if anybody would want it that wasn't me. Um... what else? 

Eric also suggested what Perez Hilton did: Any person who bought his book could send it to me him and he would autograph and decorate their book and send it back.

I won't even make that a prize. If you ever buy any of my books in paperback, send it to me, and I'll autograph it and decorate it and write you a poem in silver sharpie. I mean, if you'd like that, I'll do it. 

So anyway - what kind of stuff would like you to win in celebration of Flutter?