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Friday, July 9, 2010

free books!

If you have a review blog or are a top reviewer on Amazon, and you would like a copy of any of my books to read and review, let me know. I have no problems with giving away ARCs and PDFs for honest reviews of my work.

I am especially interested in anyone looking to read/review Switched, since it's a brand new novel in a brand new trilogy. Even if you don't have a review site, and you'd like a free copy, it definitely wouldn't hurt you to ask.

This offer applies any time, but I'm particularly desperate right now. :) 


  1. I would be happy to read and review any of your books. my blog is if you would like to check it out. I prefer hard copies as I find it difficult to read pdfs of my crappy computer screen.

  2. I would be thrilled to read and review your books. I can do ebooks and print...
    my blog is


  3. oops forgot to add I have the nook ereader and my email is incase you want to email me...


  4. I'd love to do a review for you! My blog is small and just beginning to get it's feet under it, but I love reading and sharing great reads with other book lovers!

    Here's my blog:

    (I also prefer hard copies, because too much reading on the computer gives me a migraine!)

  5. I would love to review any of your books. I am a voracious reader and will devour almost anything that is written! I am just getting started on my blog For the next couple of weeks I would only be able to get one read/review done, but starting in August, I will have much more time.


  6. Pfft...I'm such a goob! Here is my email: astewart305(at)

  7. I would be happy to read and review Switched over on

    email me at chelsea AT

  8. Absolutely!! I have a review blog, and I'd love to review whatever you throw at me. :)

    I'm with Amy, I prefer hard copies. I'm at the computer enough as it is! :)




  9. I like the synopsis of Switched so Id love to read a review hardcopy. Please email me at sithereandread (at) gmail (dot) com and check out my site Thanks!


  10. I'd be interested in reading for review. I have an e-reader, so I can do pdf or epub format, as well as print. My blog is here: Read My Mind.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. I'd love to review Switched after checking out the synopsis. Sounds really good. My blog is if you wanna take a look, and my email is ArcadiaWearsPrada[at]yahoo[dot]com.


  12. Hi, I'd also love to read and review any of your books that you would like to send my way! They all sound really good!

    I have an ereader so pdf's would be fine for me.

    My blog is and my email address is chrissiescorner[at]

  13. I would love to review any book for you! I prefer hard copies of a arc, because I am unable to download PDFs on my slow computer...:/ But I just wanted to say that I'd love to review something for you. :) Haha.

    Anyway, check out my blog here:

    My email is:


  14. I'd love a copy! I'm planning on starting a review site soon, so your book(s) would make a fine addition, I'm sure! :-)


  15. Hi everyone - just wanted to thank you all so much for your interest!!!

    I've gotten back to some of you, but I haven't had a chance to get back to all of you. I have to go work on the cover for Switched tonight, so I'll get back to you later tonight/early tomorrow.

    But you all will hear from me!

    Thank you so much!!!

  16. Hi, I'd love to review some books if you're still offering! :) My review blog is only small time atthe moment, but I love to read and share the great books I've read with the people my blog does reach.
    I prefer hard copies to PDFs because staring at a computer for that long makes my eyes all blurry and my head all poundy-like. Not good!

    My blog is if you'd like to take a look, and my email is if you'd like to contact me!

    This is very generous of you, so thank you!

  17. Oh, and silly me forgot to mention that I'd be happy to review Switched - it sounds exactly like my kind of book!!

  18. I don't have a review site, but I do review books on Goodreads. I'd love to review any of your books on there... And Switched sounds so good!!

  19. Oh, and my email is lookaftermyheart1901(at)gmail(dot)com :)

  20. Hi Amanda,
    My name is Jennifer and I'm one of the Administrators and Founders of Late Bloomer Online. I just won My Blood Approves on a blog and can't wait to read and review it as soon as I get it! I would love to also read/review Fate, Flutter and Switched as you mentioned above! You can contact me at My web url is You can send me hard copies, or I can take PDF's because I have an ereader.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

  21. I'd love to review any or all of your books. They all sound like my kind of books. =]

    My blog is:

    My email is: katieb206 at gmail dot com

    I look forward to hearing from you!


  22. I would love to read and review any of your books! I'm Cara and I blog over at: My email is : Look forward to hearing from you!


  23. Hey Amanda! I just reviewed My Blood Approves here: and would love to read Fate and Flutter. If you have any ARCs available, I would love to review them. Thanks so much!
    adriennelizbth08 at aim dot com

  24. I would absolutely do anything to review your books! I've heard good things on goodreads and am very excited to read them. I just started a blog a while ago and just started doing regular postings. Thx!

  25. I would love to review any of your books. I reviewed Switched on Amazon and on my blog. It is a small blog in its beginning phase. Mostly my high school students started reading it at the end of the school year. I always copy my reviews to Amazon and Goodreads.

    I prefer pdf or any electronic version as I travel a lot. You are doing a great job and I have really enjoyed reading your series.

  26. I'd love to review Switched on my blog An Avid Reader's Musings. I just started reading My Blood Approves and will be posting a review for that too when I am finished.


  27. I'll read any book you wanna give me! Lol.

  28. My Review for Switched!!!

  29. I mean to reply a while back. I love reading and reviewing books. My blog is here:

    And my email is aine[dot]onetwistedpixie[at]gmail[dot]com


  30. Hi, I would love to review your book on my blog. here:

    my email is Loonymoonyy55[at]gmail[dot]com

  31. I would love to review your books on my blog.
    Here's the address:


  32. Hey Amanda!

    I heard about your books from Alex @ Teenage Book Lover and I am really interested in reviewing your books. They sound really good and the covers are amazing!

    my blog is here

    Also, I see that your new book is coming out in August.
    Me and three other bloggers are hosting a big event in August for books coming out that month and would really like to host your.
    If you could, email me and i'll send you the details!


  33. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to review Flutter and Wisdom. I don't have a blog but I have reviewed your books on Goodreads just recently. I just discovered your amazing series and must admit I am completely and utterly hooked! If you can please send me those books in PDF I would love to spread the word! My email is: Thanks! Eileen

  34. Hi!
    I loved My Blood Approvals Series (1-3) and I would really like to have a free copy of Widsom and if it's possible also of Switched.
    I don't own a blog but I do reviews in GoodReads.
    My mail is:
    I would really appreciate it!

    Mica Badra

  35. I would love love love to read switched and give you my honest thoughts about it =]

  36. i love books like yours, but unfortunatly i dont have the money to buy one of those Kindles or Nook to read your series..i would love to read all of your series. if you could please send me them on and thank you,
    Stephanie Taylor

  37. Hey there Amanda!

    I'm not sure if this offer still applies but I would to review your books! I hear such wonderful things about your work and I wanted read My Blood Approves series in PDF format. My email address is Thank you for your consideration!!!

  38. hi amanda,
    i work with live media uk, we usually do technology blogs but the recent demand in literature reviews has soared recently and we've been looking into setting up a review section beginning with a vampire novel, as they have become such an interest in the uk teen community, if possible could you send us a pdf copy of any books available, we've heard great comments on 'my blood approves' and we'l be sure to write full copywright and regards-to status under the review and give you decent publicity on our site, thanks for reading,
    Dylan Wood~
    (site reconstruction may be in effect)

  39. hi amanda if you still need readers/reviewers i would love to... i don't have a 'review blog' perse but i do have a personal blog and wouldn't mind mentioning you there. i found out about you through a friend of mine who is reading the my blood approves series and she loves it. :)my email is alicen_scott@yahoo(dot)com

  40. I would love to review your book my email is

  41. i would love to read/review your first two books in the my blood approves series! my email is

  42. I have read your first three books of the My Blood Approves and I have read the Switched series and I couldn't set them down. I would love if ou could send me Wisdom and I will be happy to review it if you are still looking for one, my e-mail is Thanks so much.

  43. Hi, many of us here :) i don't write reviews cause my english is not good enough for that :) By the way im from little country in middle Europe and and by reading books in english im learning/improving this language. I read books from since i remember myself and especially i love fantasy books but its a first time im having any kind of contact with the author.I already have read Trylle series and The Hollows : Hollowland and Hollowmen and i just loved it. Now im dying to read Watersong Series : Wake and Lullaby and it would be really wonderful experience to get these in pdf from the author herself.
    My email is
    Thank you for your imagination and opportunity for others to see a glimpse of that many magical worlds u have in your mind.
    Wish u the the best :)

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  45. I'd love to read switched.....please send me a txt or pdf file.....

  46. Dear Amanda,

    I read "Switched" and i loved it. I live in kuwait and finding english books is really difficult here.

    I would love to read the whole trilogy of your switched series. Please send me a PDf version at
    Best Regards

  47. Hey Amanda,

    I have just come across your book. And lemme tell you, I find the story line immensely captivating. Nothing compares to the thrill that a ride to a fictional world gives. I would love to read your Trylle Triology. Please send me the pdfs at
    You can also visit my blog it's been dead for more than a year).

    Barsha (a fiction lover).

  48. I would love to read Switched in pdf but I don't have a blog. sorry but my email is