Monday, July 12, 2010

a very merry UN-unbirthday to me

I'm 26 now. 

I know in the scheme of things, that isn't very old. And when I'm talking to people who are twenty-six or twenty-seven, I always think they're very young. I think I'm much older than I really am, and I act much younger than I am. I have a very immature old soul. 

But birthdays always make me reflect on life. On where I am and who I wanted to be and all that. Most years, I'm pretty disappointed in my progress (or the lack thereof). 

I have bad credit. I'm no good at getting up in the morning. I could really lose a few pounds. And I really, really need to clean out my car.

But I think for the first time in my life, I really feel on-track. I'm pretty much exactly who I said I would be when I was five-years-old, and that's sorta awesome.

I read a study somewhere once where they said that what kids want to be when they're five is a good indicator of what would give them the most happiness in life and where they should go as adults. It not necessarily a literal translation - kids who wanted to be cowboys might grow up to be farmers or something. I don't remember exactly.

But the point is that who you are when you're little is still the essence of who you are now. The types of things that gave you the most pleasure than are still the types of the things that would give you the most pleasure now. Even at that young, kids know they love animals or love to paint or want to help people. 

I loved writing (and animals).

I'm not exactly where I want to be with my writing career. I'm not talking about J. K. Rowling success, but I would like it if my books were more accessible - namely in the actual brick and mortar stores like Barnes and Noble. It would make it bit easier explaining to people how to buy my books.

 But for the first time in my life, I'm going to be able to write full-time. That's been a fantasy my entire life. And it's the best birthday gift I've ever gotten. So thank you, to everyone who has bought my book or read it or reviewed it or recommended it. :) :)

Also, I added a little something on the My Blood Approves series link. As in a book cover for Wisdom, the description, an excerpt, the soundtrack, and dun dun dun... the official release date! Yay for that! So check that out! 

Meanwhile, if you're biding time until the fourth book comes out, you can always check out Switched. It's a fun book. Honest.

And here's a fun interview I did over at From the Shadows, which is author E. J. Stevens blog. If  you're unfamiliar with her, she writes dark paranormal poetry. I'd highly recommend you check it out, and click: here for the interview.