Monday, August 9, 2010

Casting Couch

I'm starting off with a reminder to enter the give away for all FOUR paperbacks in the My Blood Approves series. If you haven't yet, enter: here.

Now I'm moving onto important matters. Who would I cast in a movie adaptation of My Blood Approves series? Most of these people aren't the people I necessarily envisioned why writing this, but they are the actors I think embody the characters quite well.

Natalie Dreyfuss as Alice Bonham

Natalie used to be on the Lifetime series Rita Rocks, and it was still one when I started writing the first book. She was actually who I always envisioned as Alice. 

Ezra Miller as Milo Bonham

The eye color is wrong, but Ezra Miller works for me. Plus, I think he could handle the transformation from geek to chic pretty well. 

Emma Watson as Jane Kress 

I'll be honest with you and say I never would've picked Emma Watson for this. Her real life personality seems completely contrary to Jane's. But when I saw her pic the other day with her new short hair, I said "That's Jane!" That's exactly how I pictured her.

Charlie Hunnam as Ezra Townsend

If you're only familiar with Charlie from Sons of Anarchy, he seems like a weird choice. But watch Abandon or Nicholas Nickelby. That's how I picture Ezra. 

Kate Winslet as Mae Townsend

She's British and warm and pretty perfect. 

Emile Hirsch as Peter Townsend

I got the film Speed Racer for Christmas a few years ago, and I watched when I was drafting My Blood Approves. I'd already developed the character of Peter and had a vision in mind, but Emile's eyes (digitally enhanced, I'm sure) in Speed Racer, those were Peter's eyes. Totally. Plus, Emile is ridiculously foxy. Check out Into the Wild for proof. 

? as Jack Townsend

I honestly can't cast him. If you have any ideas, throw them out.