Thursday, August 26, 2010

I only wanna see you laughing in the Purple Rain

Today I'm chocked full of good news. It's currently 30 degrees cooler in my office than it was the same time last week. Thank you, Autumn! I can't work in heat. I can only sweat. Now my juices are flowing, work is getting done, life is good.

Also in good news: I wrote 10,000 words today. The most I've written in single day was 15,000. I hope to someday beat the record, but really that is a pretty good record, so if I never beat that, that's okay.

I watched Purple Rain this past weekend. I watched a lot when I was a kid, but it's been a good ten years since I've seen it. I didn't remember Prince being such a douche. He beats up his girlfriend, twice. He's mean to everybody. Sure, he looks pretty, has great clothes, and the music is phenomenal, but he's most anti-hero I've ever seen. Ever.

Anyway, if you've read My Blood Approves, and you're not from the Minnesota area, I highly recommend watching Purple Rain. The whole thing is filmed in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas (with the exception of Appolonia's hotel - that was randomly filmed in L.A.) The club that Prince plays at is a really incredible place called First Ave, and it's the place where Jack and Alice go to a concert.

Also, a lot of the action in the My Blood Approves series happens within a few blocks of First Ave and is shown in Purple Rain (admittedly, that's all 1984 Minneapolis, so it looks different now). The vampire club, Olivia's aparment, the place where Jack and Alice meet for the first time, that's all in that area.

So, if you're interested in seeing what it looked like when Jack was still human and growing up in Minneapolis, you should rent Purple Rain. Also - the music is fantastic. And the scene where Prince is randomly talking to a finger puppet is just a stunning piece of insanity.

I also updated the Switched blog because I can. You should check it out: here. I talk about Torn and the release date, and I also talk a whole lot about Michael Wincott.