Monday, September 13, 2010

gigantic massive awesome contest

Okay. So, I love this band called Black Lab that not enough people listen to, even though they should, because they're awesome. But anyway, they have this really beautiful song called "Ten Million Years."

I think it fits really with My Blood Approves. So for any of you with time on your hands and a knowledge of things, I'd love to see a fan made video or some kind of book trailer for My Blood Approves set to "Ten Million Years" by Black Lab. (Or I'd also enjoy "This Night" by Black Lab.)

So, if you're interested, here's what I propose:

1. Make a video anytime now until say... September 24th. You can still make a video after that if you want, but it won't be entered. The only requirements for the video are: I want it to be set to "Ten Million Years" by Black Lab or "This Night" by Black Lab, and it has to be in relation to My Blood Approves. Either the first book or the series as a whole or any book in the series, really.

2. Post the video or a link to it or email it or any way to make it so its visible to me. If you want the prizes, also include your email address or some way for me to contact you so I can let you know you've won.

3. I'll choose a winner based on my favorite, and I reserve the right to choose as many runner-ups as I'd like and send them prizes also.

4. Because I'm really excited about this and I'd like people to do this, I'm going to give away tons of stuff.  The whole series as paperbacks, plus pins, magnets, bookmarks, a t-shirt, and any other swag I can come up with by the time the contest ends. Maybe a bag too, to put it all in. I'll autograph stuff too, if you want. I'll pretty much send you any thing My Blood Approves related that I have. I'll even throw in a paperback of Switched, and if its ready by then, an advanced copy of Torn. That's six books, and lots of other stuff.

So. That's my thoughts. If you're interested, have questions, or just like to say things, feel free to comment. I'll clarify as much as I can.

Also, for you Switched fans, I've got some new stuff about the Trylle Trilogy: here