Tuesday, September 14, 2010

where the magic happens

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Today, I cleaned up my office. And for no apparent reason, I took pictures of it share with you. 

This is where the magic happens, right there at that desk. The corkboard helps me keep track of what projects I'm working on and has proposed release dates. That's Christian Bale staring down at me above Heath Ledger poster.
Christian Bale - he's always watching and keeping me on track.
That stack are rough drafts of all my books that are in the editing stage, along with a few copies of the MBA series on top. I also have a stack of CD's next to a framed picture of Travis Barker form when I met him.
On the left side is an (+44) CD insert autographed by Travis Barker and Craig Fairbaugh, along with a limited editon blue .45 of "Cliffing Diving" by (+44). That picture is by Victoria soembody. She does really amazing work. The license plate is from my favorite car - Jameson Lyndale Hocking - and that's the car in the picture above it. The ticket hanging on the corkboard is from when I saw Michael Ian Black last year.
This is my bookcase, labeled for easier understanding. 

That's Squeak - a kitten I'm fostering. She's helping. 
The Breakfast Club movie poster.

So there you have it. That's what my office looks like. It's very exciting, I know.