Wednesday, September 15, 2010

zombies, vampires, and ghouls - oh my!

Quick reminder: Don't forget to check out my gigantic massive awesome contest. It is awesome. And gigantically massive.

Now, down to business: I'm releasing my super awesome zombie novel Hollowland in October. So I thought it would be fun to have a big zombie-apolooza in October, because of Halloween and me releasing a book. But I'm not limiting it to just zombies. Zombies are awesome, but they aren't the only thing that goes bump in the night.

So - to everyone out there: If you want to do a guest blog talking about zombies, monsters, ghosts, etc, or write a bit of scary flash fiction, or want to donate anything for a giveaway (i.e. books, movies, limbs) any time in the month of October. You can even do a review of your favorite scary book or movie. Whatever you'd like, as long as its in the spirit of Halloween.

Also, in really good news, my books are now available in paperback for a MUCH lower price than before. I think My Blood Approves used to be $15.49. It's now only $8.99! Switched is also out in paperback for the first time.

I've revamped my tabs at the top, for fun. My Blood Approves has links to all the new paperbacks.

I've also added a tab for Hollowland, which is coming out in October. I included a cover created by the amazing Ronnell D. Porter, but I'm still in the process of paying for it (I'm Paypal illiterate) so I haven't put it anywhere else. I'm not even sure if I should post it here, but I'm really excited about it and wanted to show people. 

Here's a bit of bad news: I'm pushing back the release date for Torn. I was originally hoping to have it out before or around the same time as Hollowland, but I overestimated my ability for things to happen. I'm helping out with some family things, plus I'm going on vacatation in October, and combining that with getting two books ready for release is just a bit too much for me.

Hollowland is much more Halloween (and much more ready for release), so I'd rather get that out now. Torn will be out in November, though. I'm not going to set an exact date, but you'll see it by the end of November.

On the subject of Hollowland, I'll be looking for a couple readers to check it out in about a week. Be warned: it's not a paranormal romance. While there is some romance, the focus isn't on it, and I'd classify it more urban fantasy/dystopia. It's a bit grittier than my other books, and I'd say its best for ages 17 and over.

And if anyone describes themselves both as a "grammar Nazi" and "zombie aficionado" and wants to go over it, I'd especially love to hear from you.

If you're interested in doing some kind of post for zombie-aplooza, or if you're interested in beta testing Hollowland, comment or email me -