Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Cover Art!

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So as you may or may not know, I've had issues with my cover art for the Trylle Trilogy. For the first cover, I used my friend Jenna Petersen, who is a part time model and ultra hottie. That's the original cover for Switched. I like her. She's pretty. But the cover didn't feel magical enough.

I went on to talk to different cover artists. The first one did really amazing fantasy work, and while I totally loved her stuff, it didn't feel right for my books. 

The second cover artist I actually hired and paid for. His name is Ronnell Porter, and he does really fantastic covers. I actually don't have complaints about his work. He had a girl on the cover, and it ended up opening debates about Wendy looked like it.

So I finally decided to just make my own covers without a person on them. I purposely kept them similar to the My Blood Approves series, because I like themes. But I did a few things differently, and I tried to keep the Trylle Trilogy unique from the MBA books.

So... without further rambling.... here are the new covers:

Switched - Book #1

Torn - Book #2

Ascend - Book #3 (release date - early 2011)

So, what do you all think?