Monday, November 29, 2010

some things and River Phoenix

I'm watching Sneakers right now. If you haven't seen it, I don't recommend it. Real Genius and Hackers are of the some vein, and they're both very enjoyable. Also, Val Kilmer and Jonny Lee Miller are fun to look at - respectively. But Sneakers has one thing the other movies don't have, the reason I have watched it 30 times - River Phoenix.

I actually just ordered a River Phoenix poster. Because he's just too much fun to look at.

And that's why you shouldn't do drugs, kids. Because you'll end up dead outside of a night club when you're only twenty-three, and I'll be pissed off about it for the next seventeen years. And then some, because I'll probably still be pissed off about it next year, and the year after.

Also, I finished a boxset tonight. It looks pretty good. I think. I'd take pictures of it, if I knew where my camera is. But I don't.

Watching Sneakers makes me wish we were fight with the Soviets again. Remember Red Dawn? I heard they're remaking that with Josh Peck. That sounds stupid. But I love Russian accents and the language. So they shold make more movies with us fighting Russians or something.

Anyway - Switched is going crazy lately. At the time of this writing, it's #77 in all of Kindle on Amazon. Barnes & Noble says its #126 there, but that number hasn't moved in weeks, and I'm selling twice as many copies at B&N than I am at Amazon, so I don't trust the B&N rankings.

I'll be honest with you guys, because we're all friends here - I don't really understand the level of interest in it now. But I appreciate it. So thank you all. Very much.

People are asking for dates when books will be released. I'm not good at specifics, so here's the general idea: Honalee should be out by December 20th, and Letters to Elise should be out by December 24th. Although, Letters to Elise is closer to release right now, but it's easier since it's shorter.

So... those are things.

And if you wanna look at River Phoenix, I'd reccommend My Own Private Idaho or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.