Saturday, December 4, 2010

all my obsessions are healthy

Sometimes I need to watch a movie with Christian Bale. Usually, I go with American Psycho or The Dark Knight, but sometimes, I want something different. Back a few months ago, when I did not have means to purchase DVDs, I had to rent them when I wanted a change of pace.

I love Reign of Fire. It came out on July 12, 2002, which happened to be my 18th birthday, so it was the ultimate Birthday Movie, and it has Christian Bale and dragons in it. And, I believe, a Black Lab song on the soundtrack. So all in all, for me, it's pretty special.

Anyway, I went to the video store (of which we have one in town), and I got The Prestige (brilliant and underrated - watch it if you haven't seen it yet). But I couldn't find Reign of Fire. This led to frustration on my part.

So I searched all over the story looking for something else to satiate my Christian Bale fix. They had 3:10 to Yuma, but I'd just seen it, and they had Public Enemies (which also came out on my birthday but I didn't got see it because it looked disappointing). I didn't want to rent that. I looked all over Little Women or even Newsies. Nope, and nope. I would've watched The Machinist again. Even that godawful Terminator: Salvation, but every copy had been rented. 

So, here I am, stalking all over the store, determined to find something I wanted to watch with Christian Bale, and working myself into a total frenzy. It's at that point, when I realize I'm being totally crazy, whilst staring at a cover of Red Dawn, I said aloud, "All my obsessions are healthy." And then I realized someone was standing right next to me.

The moral being - I am in fact a crazy person, and I have made peace with that. And Christian Bale makes a lot of shite movies.