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Monday, December 6, 2010

Books For Sale!

Alright. So the boxsets aren't ready yet. But I do have some paperbacks laying around the house, so I'm selling signed paperbacks through PayPal. I have another shipment of books coming (hopefully this week), so I'll be able to add more, and then the boxsets should go up later this week.

But anyway - here's some books. There's a limited supply on all of them, but I'll be getting more up soon. They're all $9.99, and I priced that shipping at $4.95 because that's how much it costs me to mail stuff in a flat rate priority mail envelope. Which is how I roll.

Okay. Here's what I've got so far:

Signed copies of Switched

Signed copies of Hollowland

Signed copies of My Blood Approves


  1. Hi Amanda,

    Will you let me know when MBA is signed? Also, Ascend and Honalee?
    I love getting signed copies! It's great that you're doing this!
    Thanks again!

  2. I've gotten 2 copies each of Switched, Torn & Hollowland!
    Please let me know when you have signed copies of MBA series and of course, Ascend and Hollowland.
    When I tried to order MBA it said it wasn't available.
    Thanks for such a great offer to your fans.

  3. I have 8 copies left of lone copies of MBA. I double checked PayPal and it should work. But Torn is sold out now, so I took it out.

    I still have not gotten the books for the boxsets. I'm getting frustrated about that.

  4. So I was wondering if I bought more then one book would the shipping be different or would it be $5 for each book shipped?

  5. Do you ship overseas to sydney, Australia

  6. Did I miss the box sets already?

  7. I have the same question as Anonymous. I am the Assistant Manager of a bookstore in Winona, Minnesota. I have a customer who would love to read your books, but I was wondering if you combine shipping on books? Also, I'm guessing you don't, but do you sell wholesale? Or give a discount if we were to purchase a few copies?

    I wasn't sure where to e-mail you, but our e-mail is Or you can post here too, I'll be checking back!



  8. I'm with Deborah! Do you ship overseas! I'm in adelaide australia and would love the boxset when they arrive. Please please let me know. Your a fantastic writer and I love your books! I love it when I find new authors! It's the most exciting thing ever!!

  9. I would really like to get theTrylle Trilogy as a box set, but I live in Europe :) Will they be available some time soon on Amazon or anywere? I love the covers and want them in my book case :) I already have them on my Kindle.

  10. Sorry - to lazy to read all the posts. I save my energy for the books. Did I miss a signed copy of Ascend?

  11. Will you continue with the MBA series?

  12. I really want to buy a signed copy of MBA, have recently read them and think they are amazing! However i can't buy them in the UK, do you ship abroad, i am willing to pay extra on p&p if necessary.
    Please let me know asap thanks
    twitter name is pickles_stone might be easier to get me on there.
    Many thanks

  13. Amanda when will u have MBA box sets and how much will they be. Also when is the last book coming out from that series

  14. My blood approves series isn't available on kindle currently and I'm wondering if it ever will be again in e-book format? I've run out of space as far as paper books go and my parents only let my buy them electronically now.

  15. I was wondering if I can buy my blood approves in paperback set yet