Friday, December 24, 2010

Letters to Elise - On Sale Now

I've got a couple things I want to cover. Stuff about Letters to Elise at the top, and some news at the bottom.

Letters to Elise went on sale yesterday, and it's already garnered five 5-star reviews. It's only $.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Here's what some people are saying about Letter to Elise:

    "I didn't realize how little was told about Peter in the series, he was very vague. This novella was beautifully written, and you got to see the side of Peter you normally don't. In the 'My Blood Approves' series, he just seems so quiet, and to himself. But it's also told in Alice's point of view. In his novella you got to learn so much about him, his past, and his love for Elise."  - Jenn (Amazon review)
    "I was not sure how I would enjoy this book knowing it was mostly going to be told in the form of letters, but I am so glad I read it. It was written not only in the form of letters but also in recollections and dialogue between Peter and Ezra. Amanda also gave us some insight into Peter and Jack's relationship, or rather, how it used to be. I really felt like I got to know Peter better and see into his mind somewhat. Be prepared as I needed the kleenex box nearby!!"  - T. Anderson (Amazon review) 
    "Peter's love letters to Elise lets you see inside his head -- and his heart. I found myself remarkably sad when I finished it."- Hope Welsh (Amazon review)

Listen to the Letters to Elise soundtrack: here (which is my favorite soundtrack ever, and has the songs from both the trailers on it)

Now onto the news:

I'm going to be "off" from today at 3:00 pm until Monday at 8:00 am. I don't know what that means exactly, except that I won't be writing and I'm trying to spend some time away from the computer. So if you email me or message me or what have you, I probably won't get back to you until Monday.

And I think I'll be able to give you some info about Ascend next week. Not a release date yet, but at least some idea of what's happening with it.