Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pics or It Didn't Happen

I keep trying to think of something inspiring to say to go with this blog. Something about how indie authors can make it and you shouldn't give up on your dreams. About changing tides and control being in the hands of the writers and the readers for the first time. But in my mind, I'm really just thinking, "Holy hell. I can't believe this happened." 

I don't have much  else to say about my December sales, except thank you. Thank you!

B&N sales are tricky because Yesterday & Today's sales aren't included in the monthly total, so I tried to put the three spread sheet things together as best I could.
Smashwords has reported some sales from November, which I subtracted off of the total. But they've only reported sales from Barnes & Noble through 12/25, and I know I've sold books through them in the last 5 days. So this number is actually a bit low.

My total sales for the month of December as of 8:30 PM, 12/30/10 are an absurdly even 99,000.

Which brings my total books sold, since April 15, 2010: 148,887 books