Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ascend is for Sale for Kindle & nook

Ascend is for sale on Amazon right now!! UPDATE: Ascend is now for sale at Barnes & Noble!

Not sure when it will be on for sale on Barnes & Noble. I published them both at the same time, and last time I published a book, B&N went up faster. But Amazon went really fast this time. It took about 24 hours exactly, and it usually takes around 48 or more hours. I think Amazon went faster because I emailed them about my name.

I did also email B&N because of issues with PubIt! being generally stupid. So maybe that will speed it up. But I expect Barnes & Noble have Ascend for sale within the next 24 hours. But again, if it's not up on B&N by Friday, I will be publishing it through Smashwords, and you'll be able to buy it from them for the Nook.

At this time, I have not control about when Ascend will be for sale at B&N. Once I hit publish, it's out of my hands.

Here's the link for Ascend on Amazon: get it here. Here's a link for Ascend on Barnes & Noble: get that here.

And please, please be mindful of spoilers in comments and reviews, especially since there's a delay for Nook readers. There are discussions on Facebook and you can start some on Amazon too. Just alert people when there will be spoilers.

Thank you guys! I hope you all enjoy it! I know I loved writing it!

Oh, on a less than happy note: Australia is flooding something major. I'm secretly a huge fan of Australia, which is why I set some of Wisdom there, and what's happening there is really sad. Here's a link where you can donate money to help: