Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ascend Stuff

In case you missed yesterday's post, Ascend is now for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! There's also a discussion at Amazon where spoilers are welcome. So if you're interested in discussing the ending of Ascend, there's a good place to do it.

The paperback for Ascend is just waiting for them to let me approve the proof. Also, I updated Switched and Torn's paperbacks (like I've needed to do for awhile), so they're going to be unavailable for a little bit. I hate to do it, but the only way I can make changes is to unpublish them. The good news is that Switched, Torn, and Ascend should all be for sale in paperback around the same time again. I'll make updated links as soon as they are.

So it's just starting to set in that the Trylle Trilogy is over. It's weird. There's so much time and energy put into the three books getting them ready and so many people talking about it. It feels really strange to think that this is it.

I know other writers have talked about how they felt sad when they finished writing a series, but I didn't. I still had to live in that world for awhile getting it all ready. And I know that for awhile now, I'll still be getting reviews and readers will still be asking questions about it. But... it's kinda over now. At least for me.

And I don't know that I'm sad. But it is weird.

But it definitely is making me consider the idea of writing a spin-off trilogy more. I don't know why exactly, since I wouldn't really want any of the principal characters from the Trylle Trilogy as main characters in another book. There would be some small cameos, but that is all.

Oh well. I can't work on it any time soon anyway. I have about 57 other things I need to do first.

But thanks to everyone for reading the books and all the support. So far, the response to Ascend has been really positive, and I was pretty scared about how people would react. It's nice to know that none of you have plans to kill me in my sleep (so far, anyway).

But now, I miss bid you farewell. I have to eat breakfast, watch Top Chef, and do a lot of running today, including meeting with an accountant, which is also terrifying. So all in all, it should be a pretty scary/busy day.

Stay gold, everybody!