Wednesday, January 5, 2011

it's all for you, Michael Wincott

I'm still taking questions about Ascend that I will answer on Friday. But I'm answering one now - Ascend will be out on Kindle and Nook before paperback. I will publish them both at the same time, and they should go on sale about roughly the same time. (With Letters to Elise, I think Nook beat Kindle by about two hours.) 

As some of you may know (or may not), the character of Oren in the Trylle Trilogy was written specifically for Michael Wincott. I'm not saying the trilogy will ever be made into movies - because honestly, I really don't have much control over that.

But I have been a die hard Michael Wincott fans for years. Ever since I saw Robin Hood: Prince of Theives when I was seven (and subsequently became unnaturally obsessed with Bryan Adams), I said to myself, "That Michael Wincott is for me." And he is.

Unfortunately, the film industry does not seem to feel the same way as me, and Michael Wincott's gravelly voice has been absent from the silver screen for far too long. So I decided to do my part, however small it might be, to bring Michael Wincott back.

Hence, the character of Oren. And you may say, "But Oren isn't really a nice guy. If you love Michael Wincott so much, why didn't you make a character for him the hero of the story?" Because that's not how Michael Wincott works. He's awesome because he does evil so well.

If you're unfamiliar with Michael Wincott, here's a scene of him from The Crow. (Warning: This scene does contain some adult language, including the F-bomb twice).