Monday, January 3, 2011

Questions About Ascend

The Trylle Trilogy continues to be compared to Twilight, which completely baffles me. Other than the fact it's paranormal and has romance, I personally don't see similarities.

Here a list of things that the Trylle Trilogy is more like than Twilight:
-Pretty in Pink
-The Princess Diaries
-Star Wars

This isn't really a fun fact about Ascend, though, and I said I would start today.

Here's what I'm thinking would be fun. And factual. If you guys have questions about Ascend or the characters, post them in the comments, and I'll answer them on Friday. I'm not going to answer spoilers, such as "How does the trilogy end?" or "Do Wendy and Finn end up together?"

But if you have questions about the book, the trilogy, or any characters, ask away. As long as it's not a spoiler, I'll answer it on Friday's blog.

And just a reminder, Ascend will be out by January 15th. So... the end.