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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Teaser Tuesday - Ascend

Quick, before I get into the fun stuff - SouthLAnd season 3 premieres on TNT tonight. Watch it. Tell your friends to watch it.

I have been fighting for this show since it got canceled because it's the greatest cop drama on television ever. I've signed petitions, emailed TV stations, attended Facebook chats, tweeted, blogged, and just generally harassed the world into keeping this show on the air. And I will continue to do that if I have to.

So go watch it, so I can talk about stuff other than saving SouthLAnd, okay? 

Teaser Tuesday is a meme I frequently mutilate for my own purposes, and today will be no different. It's supposed to be "pick two random lines from a book you're reading." I was going to pick two random lines from Ascend, but the part I "randomly" picked really needs more than two lines because it's short.

So pretty much nothing about this follows the Teaser Tuesday meme rules, but it is Tuesday, and this is a teaser, so it's not a lie.

Without further rambling, here is the teaser for Ascend:
    “I want you to remember this,” he said, his voice low and husky. 
    “What?” I asked. 
    “You want me to kiss you.” 
    “I don’t,” I lied. 
    “You do. And I want you to remember that.”

It's not that great. But it's hard to pick lines. Maybe I'll come up with better ones later and post them. I can't really post my favorite lines from the book, though, because I feel like they give away too much. So... that's what I've got.

Well, I guess, my favorite non-giveaway anything line is: "I'm not a bloody cockroach." 

Also, I'm still taking questions about Ascend. I talked about it on my blog yesterday, and feel free to ask away.

And just as a reminder - Ascend will be out by January 15th.

EDIT: Sorry. I posted this blog a couple hours ago, and I just wanted an episode of "Hoarders" on A&E. They left many animals in the care of a woman who is clearly unwilling and/or incapable for caring for them. I don't understand why A&E did it, but it is obvious to anyone that the animals left under Hanna's care will continue to be abused and killed.

Does anybody know who to contact about this? All I know is that Hanna lives in Illinois. And yes, I know that lots of people watched that show and lots of people are probably writing somebody. But it was one of the most appalling things I've ever seen, and I want do whatever I can. 

So if anybody has any information about who to contact or something I can, please let me know.


  1. At the end of the show A&E said that since the Animal Control people with the show were from out of state that they could not legally remove any of the animals from Hanna's care, BUT they would call animal control that following Monday morning.
    It was a hard one to watch! When i watched that part where she said the state took all of her children away due to abuse i was horrified!! She had 16 kids! How can you properly care for animals if you can't properly care for your own children. As far as contacting someone i am not sure you, but could try to contact animal control in MN and ask them how you can help animals being abused in another state. hope that helps :{

  2. I think i have fallen in love with Loki! He seems so spontaneous and quite mysterious :} Will he play a larger role in Ascend?

  3. The show I really enjoyed, and I hope they continue it, was The Walking Dead. That was fun!

  4. This comment is based on the Animal Cruelty - I belong to ASPCA in NC, I strongly abhor animal violence and neglect of any kind.

    Now on to Ascend, I also hope to see more of Loki in this book and have fallen slightly for him. Can't wait to begin reading it. Bought the My Blood Approves Series to keep me busy until Ascend comes out.

  5. OMG, Loki is so hot. I really hope he is in Ascend more, I really like him. The last book, torn, was absolutely amazing, and Loki... WOW.

  6. I see a strong correlation between the caste system in India and the Trylle cultural structure. I wonder what would happen if Wendy introduced democracy and elections into the Trylle / Vittra dynamics. Also, if she became President, she wouldn't be queen, and if the abolished the changling placement, all the kids would remain safe in Trylle under the treaty. Just ideas I'm pondering. Here's my one non-related question, Amanda. How old are you? You look like you're in your early twenties and I'm trying to wrap my head around how someone so young could produce so much quality fiction so fast!!!

  7. Hi, I'm Amanda's mom and I thought I would comment on how young she is, 26, and how she can write such wonderful books at her age. She started writing stories as soon as she could write, and even before that, I have a tape of when she was about 3 years old telling me a story. I guess I'd have to say she was definitely born to be a writer and she has never stopped. I am so proud of her pushing forward and never giving up! I love reading all of your wonderful comments on her books, thank you all very much for supporting her!

  8. LOVE IT!
    I'm a Loki fan too :)
    I'm super excited..I feel like a little girl awaiting Justin Bieber or something!

    I can't watch stuff with animal abuse or neglect. It makes me cry like a little girl. Most likely, she'll lose all those animals because of the show. There's no way that nothing was done about it.

  9. Amanda, you said the woman on the show was in IL? Just Google IL animal control. They should have a central number but that's not really going to help unless you know the woman's address. They won't be able to do anything! Also, you should check the A&E website if you haven't yet, they may have an update or at the very least, you could contact them and complain! You should also Google "Hanna on A&E" and see what you find. Who knows--she may have a website or someone claiming to know her may pop up! That's what I recommend!

    And, I also love Loki! ;) And how cool that your mom was on here! lol

  10. Hi, Amanda. RE: Hoarders, That's why I can't watch that show. The 1 or 2 episodes I've seen were too difficult, and that one you're talking about would have been too much. I hope someone can do something about such horrible animal conditions.

    I also wanted to comment on your mother's comment about your writing abilities. I think that is so wonderful, that your mom would go on your blog and comment about how proud she is of you and your talents as a writer. To give your readers insight into how you came to be is a wonderful thing and sounds like something my mother would do if she were still alive.

    Be grateful for such a loving parent!

    But on a sadder note, I live in the same town as Hanna. I guess she's cleaned up (the reason why? Her boyfriend, who is in PRISON, told her he wouldn't live with her unless she cleaned the place up...) but I have family in the police department here and they've dealt with her on numerous occasions. I'm not sure who else to contact; they've tried to deal with her but can't really get much done without cooperation from other parties.

  12. Hoarders:I worked for San Diego Humane Society for several years. I'm sure someone has contacted the local humane society or animal control regarding this situation. But, if you want to take action, you would have to find out what humane society has jurisdiction in this woman's town. They would be responsible for taking action. I would find out what large city she is closest to, contact their humane society, and they could point you in the right direction. As I said before, I'm sure many people are doing the same thing. There is no way they could air that episode and things could continue as they are.

    Ascend: Cannot wait. I will just have to reread Switched and Torn and then go jogging to occupy my time while I wait. Yep. I'll read and then I'll run. I use your soundtracks to help create my jogging playlists. Do I need to get a life? Perhaps. I'm comfortable with this.

    Mom comment: Gotta love moms

  13. I love moms! Southland looks good, but I think I need to watch the first 2 seasons to know what is going on... what do you think?

    Loki.... wow his character just amazes me! Secretly I hope Wendy ends up with him! :)

  14. I am torn a number of different ways with who I want Wendy to be with. Of course, I know that she loves Finn, and that he loves her more than anything, but they can't be together because of the difference in their statuses, which is really sad. I also think it is really cute the way he is jealous of Rhys and Loki!

    I also like the character of Tove. I know they don't love each other, but they are very compatible, and it seems that he would be a great asset in ruling the kingdom, which she is going to need. He will have her back no matter what, and I really think that he will tell his mom to back off if she starts giving Wendy the business in front of him. I just think he's not going to let anyone say mean things when he's around. I think their mutual respect and friendship could lead to love. Sometimes what you want is right in front of you, if you just open your eyes to see it.

    Then there is Loki...I just think he is amazing. What little we know of him, he seems to already be in love with Wendy, and would do anything for her as well. He didn't want her to leave the Vittra castle, but he helped her escape, and take Matt and Rhys with her, because she asked him to. He knew he would have to face the wrath of Oren, but he did it anyway. And risking getting caught in Trylle just so he could see her, even though he knew he probably wouldn't get to speak with her...that's romantic. I also think she could love Loki.

    There is one thing about Loki that worries me, however. Elora said that Oren had been a different person when she married him, and from the way she spoke, she had cared for him. So he tricked her into getting married, and then the real Oren came out. I worry that maybe Loki is doing the same thing, to give the Vittra more power. I wonder if him wanting amnesty is just a way for him to worm his way into Wendy's heart. It could be that all of the stuff going on with Loki was a set up from the very beginning. I really hope that isn't the case, but you just never know!

    So, like I said, I am torn. Each man has their own place in her life, and I just don't know what is really going on, or who she should end up with. I cannot wait for Ascend to come out so that I can find out!! :)

  15. As a parent, my Christmas Eve was spent getting everything ready for my child's Christmas. I did not wait up for Santa. I WAS SANTA.

    I am waiting for Ascend like I used to wait for Christmas, and the feeling is oh-so-warm-and-tingly!

  16. OMG! that quote has to be loki!! so juicy!!! can't wait!!!!

    i'm re-reading switched and torn so i can come up with some good questions and be refreshed for ascend!!!

  17. Awww your Mom's comment is so cute! I would be beyond chuffed if either of my parents found their way to my blog *grin* Ecckkk I really don't like watching those horder shows *shudder* and I HATE watching animals get mistreated, it's even worse here in NZ because we have almost no animal protection laws. For a country that spouts off about being 'clean & green' it's rather disgusting :(

    The Arrival, on Amazon NOW!

  18. Ok, so I like Loki for exactly what he is... a flirt and that's it!

    I read the above comment that Loki might be using Wendy and I think I might agree. I don't trust him. Even if he is genuine, he's still not right for Wendy.

    What's with all the Loki love??

  19. Isn't it just horrible what hoarders do. Okay so I haven't read the second book in the Trylle Trilogy is it amazing. I have to wait until April because I spent almost all my money on Amanda Hocking books. She is officially my favorite author. I also love Hollowland!!!!!! Is there a second book??? I need to buy it if there is. OMG!!!!! I didn't notice how long this was.

    Oh yeah is there any new Amanda Hocking books for 2011?

  20. Not sure how silly I may sound... but I'm even excited to see the new cover! :)

  21. i love the trylle trilogy so much! i am soooo excited to hear that ascend will be out by the 15th. my birthday is on the 14th and i couldn't have asked for a better present! thank you!

  22. How do you get your books to be published? I want to publish a book of poetry, but am afraid I'll fall on my face or I'm not good enough. I would love to talk to a publisher or a writer and see if my work should be turned into a book. If you can give me an answer, that would be great!

  23. Kristen: Poetry has a small niche market. Amazon allows you to self-publish your work at no charge. There are also e-magazines that accept poetry. Unfortunately, I don't know that you'll find a great market for it.

  24. Amanda, I just was reading on the A&E blog. I'm appalled at what A&E considers 'entertainment'.

    Why in the world would they have even attempted to stop Animal Control?

    Just shaking my head. I so dislike reality television.

    On Ascend: YES!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Just found your books on my kindle and I whipped through them, love the characters and I am really looking forward to Ascend. Don't have any questions. I find idea of beautiful trolls and ugly infertile trolls and the entire thing a refreshing change from all the vampire stuff. Not that I don't love them, but it is nice to read something about another paranormal species!!

    I will be passing a reccomendation around to my friends!!