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Monday, February 28, 2011

Misinformation & Corrections

The internet is filled with misinformation. Some of that is about me.

So, I'm going to set the record straight by saying a bunch of things about me and my books that are true, so if you read things other places, you can be all, "Nah, that's not true. Here. Check out Amanda's blog."
  • I'm twenty-six years-old, not twenty-seven, twenty-five, or any other age. 
  • I live in Austin, Minnesota, not Minneapolis. I like Minneapolis a lot. I just don't live there. 
  • I have published eight books and one novella, so there are nine works that you can purchase from  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Smashwords. 
  • I've written 19 books. 
  • All of my published full-length novels are available in both ebook and paperback. 
  • Three of my full length novels are priced at $.99 in ebook, and my novella is priced at $.99. The other five books are priced at $2.99. All my paperbacks are priced at $8.99 and $9.99. 
  • I was never traditionally published. I still have not been traditionally published. 
  • A few books have foreign deals in place, but the books have not been published yet.
  • I have an agent - Steve Axelrod - and I've had him since August.  
  • I first published two books in April 15, 2010. Since then, I've sold over 900,000 copies of over nine different books. 
  • I have been on the USA Today Bestseller list but not the NY Times List. (I suspect the Times hates me).
  • I'll be in the April issue of Elle magazine. If my understanding of the magazine industry is correct, that issue should be out sometime in March.
  • The syndicated television program Better TV is interviewing me at the end of March. I have no clue when that will air, and I'm not sure what channel will it air on, because it depends on where you live.
  • My trilogy has been optioned for a film. 
  • I really like sushi. 
  • Michael Wincott is phenomenal.

I'm currenly watching The Social Network for the first time after a long time of avoiding it. Eric is obsessed with it, but my feelings on Jesse Eisenberg are quite complicated. I enjoy neurosis very much, though. The score is enjoyable, although I still believe that Hans Zimmer should've won for Inception

I like to obsess over things that don't matter because it's more fun obsessing over things that do.

The Social Network sorta feels like a music video inter-spliced with rapid fire snark and legalese. I understand why Eric enjoys it.

I'm not sure if I approve of this fella from The Social Network as Spiderman. I'm not sure I don't approve either. I enjoy him. But I don't know if he screams Peter Parker to me. But then again, Peter Parker isn't the kind of guy to scream thing anything, is he? He's Peter Parker.

I digress. If I ever had a point, I've probably made it by now.


  1. Thanks, Amanda! Now go to bed! Get some rest!
    :) LJ McGowan

  2. Silly me. I assumed Austin meant Texas:-P

    I'm not sure if you're serious or not, but the Times list only counts sales from a very specific, and very secret list of vendors. They don't even count sales from places like Wal-Mart or Costco, but stick to pre-sales and a pre-determined list of brick and mortar bookstores.

  3. Hi amanda,
    Thanks for the info!
    I just finished Hollowland and loved it :)
    Can't wait to see the next instalment if there is one planned!

  4. I saw Jennifer Aniston on a mag the other day saying that only 2% of what is said about her is true. If you've reached the point that the public is throwing around misinformed anecdotes about you then let's all raise our glasses b/c you've arrived!! You in April issue of Elle--LOVE IT! I feel like I'm watching you rise to fame right here from my computer. Much congratulations!! I'm halfway through Ascend and sad to see it coming to an end.

  5. My fondest wish is that Peter Parker will scream, "NOOOOOOOooooo...!!!!" - a la Star Wars - at some point in the new movie franchise.

  6. Totally agree about Hans Zimmer. He was robbed.
    Kendall Swan

  7. When is your next installment in the My Blood Approves series coming out?

  8. Great stats. And I'm like Josin from the comment above. Austin means Texas to me. I will get the April issue of Elle to check out the article on you.

  9. That's what i'm wondering...When's the next My Blood Approves! I finished the last book last night and am starting the Trilogy! I will have to scour my hair salon to find the Elle Mag! Can't wait to read EVERYTHING you put out there!

  10. Hi, Amanda,
    your history is really amazing. It is very insparing to any one who is writting and trying to be published.
    If you can, I would like a favour. I want to talk to your agent but I am not able to find his e-mail. Could you send it to me?
    thank you!

  11. Boy, do I agree about that Hans Zimmer should've won for Inception. :)

    Congrats on the option!

  12. What's up with the NY Times being jackasses? They need to get with the times.

    Glad Squeak got a clean bill of health.

  13. You are truly an inspiration for all writers, but especially for us indies. I have literally never read or purchased Elle before, but I will buy the copy you appear in!

    Shana Hammaker
    Twelve Terrifying Tales for 2011

  14. I think your books are the most gripping I have ever read. They are like a drug for me and I am addicted. I can't put them down or stop reading them. I can't count the nights I have stayed up reading because I couldn't put it down - it is a travesty that you haven't been fully recognized for your brilliance!

  15. Vampire novels are for whiny emos and phags. Which one are you?

  16. Anything that changes the way traditional publishing houses work should be applauded, their snobbery is pretty appauling... well done Amanda.

  17. Your books are absolutely amazing! Because of you i now want to marry a guy named Peter. I don't think i could live without your books now, I will be extremely happy when the next My Blood Approves book comes out but also extremely sad because it will be the last book

  18. Hey Amanda,

    Nice post. I knew The Observer messed up by labeling you a Minneapolis-based author... but they're Londoners so you're probably fortunate they didn't say you're from Chicago, LOL.

    Congrats on 900K. I expect you to hit 1M in about a week at your current pace and couldn't be happier for you.

    When's your birthday? I'm sure lots of your fans would like to send you e-greetings and such when it comes 'round.

    Anyway, what did you think of the Oscars? I found it rather boring and predictable. There were absolutely no surprise wins in the major categories.

    About the only nominated movies I really liked, TRUE GRIT and THE SOCIAL NETWORK, didn't fare well.

    And then, Melissa Leo drops an F-bomb and instead of folks saying she failed to show the proper class and sophistication appropos to an event like the Oscars, most folks are labeling her as "brave" and "fearless."

    If dropping an F-bomb qualifies one as brave and fearless, I have a few relatives who should be deployed to Afghanistan immediately... they are war heroes in the making! ;) LOL

  19. I just found your books this week on Amazon because I am obsessed with reading in ebook format and decided to give My Blood Approves a shot. I loved the first book so much that I am now the proud owner of all 4 books and bought your trilogy to read after I finish the 4 My Blood Approves books! I love your writing style and am in awe of your talent and well deserved success :)

  20. Amanda, I'm a big fan of your books as well. I just finished Wisdom and can't wait for the next installment to come out (any clue about when that might happen?). I also enjoyed the Trylle Trilogy. From one indie author to another, congrats! You're a true inspiration to newbie indies like myself.

  21. I just read about you on SAI. ( I haven't read any of your work, however, you seem to be one of the hottest selling indie writers at the moment and it is quite newsworthy. I believe this is primarily due to your high sales as an e-published author on Amazon via the Kindle. Congrats, you're part of a greater movement to real disruption of the old media paradigm! Long live DIY!

  22. Get some sleep woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Accept the movie deal!!!! That would make me so happy, 'cuz I've read the Trilogy 2 times on my nook in less than 2 months!!! And i NEED to read my blood approves. If u do accept, than who would play as Wendy? i vote Alexandra Daddario. she is the girl who played annabeth in percy jackson! and Logan Lerman should play Finn. Loki should be played by Jake Abel.
    you are my fav. author. write a new installment to The Trylle Trilogy.

  23. Could you please write a book or novella or something about Wendy's baby? I just finished the series and I don't want it to end!

  24. I started a french translation of "My blood approves" ( Mon sang l'atteste...). I wonder how free you feel ... 4AM here ;)


  25. ... and a french wikipedia page ;-)

  26. Good for you Amanda ..

    I came across your name from an article about your Kindle books and stuff.

    indie writer, guitarist, ... I'm impressed
    Keep rocking

  27. Question. Is the sentence

    "I like to obsess over things that don't matter because it's more fun obsessing over things that do."

    meant to be

    "I like to obsess over things that don't matter because it's more fun THAN obsessing over things that do."


  28. I have both Inception and The Social Network on DVD. One of these days I'll get around to watching them. Right now, I think I want a copy of Winters Bone. I had no idea this movie existed until the Oscars and after a glimpse of the performances, oh yeah, I want to see it.

  29. I bought my first ebook today and it's an Amanda Hocking. Looking forward to reading it and well done on showing a lot of writers the way...

  30. Robyn and i also tested the Zimmerman vs Trent Reznor result.
    I think in the end you have to ask which film progresses the craft category the most. ie which is the most original. Both men are highly original genre composers. Trent's score perfectly counterpointed the unique script / editing and dialogue of SN. Inception was classic, but not unique. It won awards appropriately in other categories.

  31. What Manne said at 6:11 a.m.

    I know there's a missing word, but I don't know if it's "than", as Manne has it, or if it's "don't" after the first "I". I hope it's the way "Manne" has it.

  32. Yikes! I didn't mean to put "Manne" in quotes there, and am not meaning "if that IS your real name". I shoulda hit preview.

  33. You have the same agent as one of my friends! Best of luck to you! I hope to join your ranks one of these days.

  34. Boy, no wonder you are good, I just came to your site I read the first two points of this post and the last sentence and I already think you are a terrific autor and want to read your books or more about. As soon as I have time. Today my life is just crazy. Cheers,

  35. Just read about your writing journey. Way to go!!!

  36. Just read about and watched your interview on the Huffington Post. So thrilled and proud to hear of your success without using traditional publishing. I am currently working on my first novel and to hear your story is an inspiration to me. Best wishes to you for your continued success!

  37. Congrats on the impressive news article in!

  38. You are pure inspiration. And I can't agree more about your Hans Zimmer comment. That guy rocks and his score for Inception was outstanding. Hope The Social Network didn't let you down.

  39. Congrats on the success! Sorry the journalists are getting the facts mixed up. It was fun to find your blog and see your update. Best.

  40. I read about you in HuffPost today where they featured a short video of you and discussed your achievements. I was astonished and after briefly checking out your very cool site here, I am impressed with how kind and generous you are to share so many tips and so much of your experience with your followers and visitors. Thank you. You are a wonderful inspiration and I have introduced you to a writer friend and will follow your advice and example. It's amazing what you have achieved. I am an abstraction painter and digital art photographer and it is very difficult to get a gallery or agent so so sales, just me representing myself. I have thought of going onto Kindle and following your lead I certainly will. You set a wonderful example for so many writers who will never be published in traditional publishing houses, houses which incidentally as you must know are becoming obsolete and they deserve that extinction. Writers such as yourself are in a position of growth and power and it's wonderful. Congratulations and thank you again for sharing so much.

  41. You're cracking me up today. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  42. amanda-

    thanks for clearing the air! although it was
    kinda fun to witness all the misinformation... :+)

    austin, minneapolis is cooler than austin, texas.
    _much_ cooler... and i mean that quite literally...
    nine degrees, my iphone tells me, right now. 9!
    hey, you stay inside, you get some writing done.

    my iphone also says there are 8 austins in the u.s.
    who knew? plus "austinburg", in ohio. my word.

    anyway, do please tell us when it's a million, ok?
    so we can let all that speculation come to a close.


  43. Just read about you on Bob Lefsetz's newsletter and had to check u out! Like it. Well done.

  44. i like you. i'm going to go and read yr books.

  45. Many of the articles seem to prefer mentioning the Kindle. They should maybe note your stuff is also available on the Nook and other e-readers.

  46. Dear Amanda, I congratulate you, reading your remarks I will look a lot like my 24 year old daughter, who is a very dedicated to her work in communications and also very bright, really understand your comments and I think what is happening to you is the fruit of your work over many years, I hope you continue to reap many triumphs. Many successes

  47. Reading your book now and enjoying it. But seriously? Michael Wincott is mine. ;-)

  48. According to the guys on Dragonpage, the NYT bestseller list includes wholesale orders by bookstores, and excludes online retailers, so an author could technically become a NYT bestseller based on advance orders, but have dismal actual sales figures.

  49. You go girl! This all just shows that there really are no limits to what can be achieved...

    Thanks for being so frank & honest about everything, it's interesting to learn about your journey.

    Do give a shout out when you hit the million mark, it should be any minute now...

    Congrats! Write on! :)

    Rai Aren, co-author of the award-winning mystery novel SECRET OF THE SANDS

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  51. This was a good description of what you are doing. Thank you for sharing it.

    And I do suppose the New York Times hates you. You don't conform to their view of what a writer should be. But just wait, Amanda Hocking....they will soon come knocking at your door...they will come round in their thinking.


  52. Amanda,

    I really like your writing style.
    As a new beginner, I must learn a lot from you..
    Here are a few samples of my writing:

    thank you..

  53. Hi Amanda, Sucks to be famous! People make up all kinds of crap!

    Just be you and keep your blog up and this post here shows people who you really are.

    I feel like I've been with you since the beginning so I have no misconceptions of who you are and I think the majority of your fans know, too.

    Can't wait to read the Elle spot! How cool is that! I never buy that magazine but I'll make the exception. I'll be looking for it.

    Take care and when you've got Honalee ready, give me a shout! My blogs up and running (finally!)

    Take care!

    Kristi Stern

  54. (from your trylle blog)
    Well, Amanda -- if you still read this bog -- it seems a lot of water passed under the bridge since you wrote this, and you HAVE sold your trilogy to the movies, and probably have quite a bit of clout now. (It's a remarkable story and I've passed it along to a lot of my writer friends.)

    I have a friend, Laura, who maintains the only real fansite for Michael Wincott and I think you need to chat with her! (And vice versa: I have given her your name and links to your sites.) I'm a big fan of Michael Wincott as well, but Laura is the UBER-FAN and knows him personally, and I've love to link you guys up.

    Just for the record: Michael HAS played a nice guy a few times. I think you'd enjoy the film "Gunshy" which also stars William Petersen (CSI) and Diane Lane (Secretariat). It's his largest role (as an adult) and he's very charming in this film, a good guy (basically) and he gets a nice romance in it as well. (Hair not long, unfortunately, but you can't have it all.)

    I agree his voice would be pretty wonderful for a troll!

    I'll also try to see that both Laura and Michael can read your Trylle series, though I myself have not (having just heard of you today in's Laura Miller column, where she gave you a nice review).

    I wish you luck in casting Michael in this part! His fans would dearly love to see him in a big role. He hasn't worked a great deal lately, but he WAS in a film called What Just Happened with Robert De Niro about a two years back, and about 4-5 years ago, a western called Seraphim Falls with Liam Neeson. If you have not seen those, you might wish to check them out.

  55. @Laurel I actually own all the movies you mentioned. I thought he was fantastic in "Gunshy," and it was disappointing that the rest of the movie wasn't as good as he was. I love him in "What Just Happened" too. (Well, I love him in everything...)

    I've been talking a lot to Terri (who's adapting the books into screenplays.) She started out by emailing me saying that she loved Michael Wincott for the role of Oren (which is the part I wrote for him, in the off chance it ever got turned into movies). So, I'm hoping that counts for something.

    But I doubt I'll have much say in casting. It depends on what the production company and directors and all that want to go with, and of course, it depends on whether or not Michael Wincott would even want the part.

    Yep. So that's my long ramble about I agree with you, and I wouldn't mind chatting with your friend Laura ;)

  56. O.K!

  57. 3 things ---->

    1. "Hans Zimmer should've won for Inception." (Definitely!)

    2. "I like to obsess over things that don't matter because it's more fun obsessing over things that do." (I had to read this 10 times.)


    3. I like playing that fish thing at the bottom of the page.

  58. Amanda,
    As a recently self published author (as in yesterday) I am excited to read about such amazing success. I found you by following some of that "fame" that is spread around the internet. Keep on writing! Blessings, Sherry

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  60. omg, please, please, please write the next book for My Blood approves!! :( I am deeply in love with these books, they are literally the only things keeping me going atm and I really would love to see how the series ends!

    Just know, I will support you and your writing til the end! :) thanks for being such an awesome author.

    I love you and your books. <3

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