Tuesday, March 1, 2011

About the Book Bloggers

Julie at A Tale of Many Reviews tweeted this link to a really great post about how book bloggers can help writers. It gives a lot of tips on how to reach bloggers, and it's much more helpful and specific than anything I've said. So if you're a writer, and you want some ideas on how to get the word out about your book, I would highly suggest checking this out. Read: here.

The one thing the blog doesn't mention is what happens after your book is reviewed. If you submit a book for review, no matter how they review it - even if its a scathing 1-star review - your only response should be: "Thank for you taking the time to read and review my book. I appreciate the time and work you put into it." That's it. That's all you can say.

I meant to write more, but Charlie Sheen is on 20/20 right now. And he just referred to beating up his hookers and porn stars as "tomfoolery and skulduggery." And Ambien made him do it.

So yeah... I gotta go. Read the book blogger tips. Be nice. Have fun. Don't do drugs or hurt porn stars.