Monday, March 21, 2011

all that you see that you wanted

I watched The Next Three Days three days ago, and I've been listening to the soundtrack ever since. It is awesome. It's Danny Elfman, but I had no idea it was Elfman, and I can always call Elfman. That's not to say anything bad about him, but there was just something extra fantastic about this score. Especially the songs by Moby. Phenomenal. It really elevated the film to a whole new level.

I do like Moby, though. I always feel weird saying that. But "Porcelain" and "Natural Blues" are amazing songs, and I stand by that.

I'm writing a blog, but I don't really have a lot to say. It's just been awhile since I updated.

My cat got fixed last week, so I'm obsessing over her incicion to make sure she'll live. She doesn't seem to care at all that she had an organ removed, but she does get incredibly irritated when I don't give her my undivided attention. And I'm not giving it to her now, so she's meowing at me. So I should go. Apparently.