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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Something I just wanted to clear up - a lot of people seemed to think that m last post "Some Things That Need to Be Said" was directed at people sayid negative things about me. It wasn't. I actually wrote it for all the people telling me that I'm an inspiration & that they were completely sold on the self publishing idea.

I don't mind so much if people read something about & decide I suck. It bothers me more if somebody reads something about & gets the wrong idea & makes a major life decision based on that. I want people to research & be careful. That's all I'm really saying.

Tonight was the season finale of SouthLAnd. I haven't it yet because I'm tired & in bed, but everybody should watch it & do everything they can to keep it on the air because I love SouthLAnd lots. And since NBC took Law & Order away from me, I needs crime drama that I enjoy. And no, Law & Order: LA does NOT count.

At any rate, I wrote this blog on my iPhone, so I'm sorry if it ends up weird.

And I'll be in the Wednesday issue of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, if you want to check that out.

And don't do drugs. RIP Mike Starr.


  1. +1 for blogging from bed

    Crime shows I watch: Castle, L&O: SVU, Criminal Minds, and White Collar

    Honestly I like them all. Probably White Collar the most thanks to Matt Bomer. I like Castle a lot too because to me Nathan Fillion is the man. He's also a writer in the show, so there's that.

    Now, if you don't mind, I need to get back to quitting my job and selling my house so that I can become a world famous eAuthor.

  2. I've had some friends self publish. It was TONS of work. And it was hard to get their books in front of people. How many authors can you name that are as successful as Amanda Hocking?
    That being said, I think they would do it again.

    Personally, it wasn't for me. I've enjoyed my experience with my small publisher. My book comes out this fall, so we'll see how well it does.

    It's a personal decision. And anyone making it should be as informed as possible.

  3. Dear Amanda,

    Thank you writing that post on things to know. Can I ask, however, how on earth you manage to sell ebooks to kids?

    They don't have credit cards and they don't have ereaders, right? I'm confused.

    Either that, or your readers are adults who read YA books -- which is not uncommon, and nothing to be frowned upon :)!

    I'm just puzzled and excited by the simple fact that it might be possible to actually sell to this demographic with regards to ebooks.

    A response would be so great :)


  4. Amanda -

    Personally, I think you've set us all on our heads. I've blogged about you myself. I've even contradicted myself a time or three, because like the rest of the writing're success has been mind blowing.

    Now I downloaded a sample of your work off of Amazon...not my cup of tea. Please don't take that personally! It's the genre - not you per se. (But I have two teenage girls who are buying up all of your stuff.)

    I admire your moxie, the many hours you've spent writing and I'm happy for your success. As a writer, and hopeful author it's devastatingly confusing out here.

    With any fame, you'll have those that throw stones. Find some grace or ignore it. If this older, wiser woman could give you any advice, don't feel the need to defend yourself. Half those out there whining are whining because they can't sell their work...or they're flat out jealous...maybe even confused. Whatever the reason, who cares, right?

    Enjoy your success. Get a publicist or assistant to go through the emails that are robbing you of precious writing time and put your feet up. Obviously, from the number of book sales, you have more fans than foes.

    And lastly - congrats fellow writer!


  5. Your post was a bit help to a lot of people who might have misconstrued your success. I like how here you're like, "Oh, you thought I was talking to those guys? No, I was talking to YOU." Way to go. You have a great perspective, and it's serving you and others well.

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  7. Hi

    Just read about her success in a European newpaper... great... I tried to publish poetry and found Lulu at the internet.

    But I am not sure how well it works ...


  8. PS if you are interested in music, film and politics see this

  9. No! I hadn't heard about Mike Starr! I am devastated right now. :(

  10. I don't think anyone can appreciate the amount of work involved in being an Indie Published matter how many times you say it. However, if they feel strongly about their book and its characters AND they are passionate about seeing it published, they will do whatever it takes to meet their goals (much like you have). Your success gives these people (including myself) hope because before your accomplishments were widely publicized we were all told 'if you don't have an agent or a publisher, your book will never have a chance'. Now, we know that theory is nothing more than propaganda generated to prevent people from doing exactly what you have done.

    After reading your books and beginning to follow you, I was able to accomplished more toward getting my book published than I had the entire 2 1/2 years since I started writing my The Warrior Series. With you as my inspiration, I have taken the bull by the horns and realized my book's destiny is in my hands. Knowing it better and loving it more than anyone, I'm confident Indie Publishing is the right path for me.

    With that being said, CONGRATULATIONS on your success, and thank you for all you are doing (even if your efforts are unintentional) to make Indie Publishing as big part of mainstream book sales.

    I know you are EXTREMELY busy, but if you have time, take a look at my website. I think you will appreciate the beauty of the book covers created by Phatpuppy Creations. I know you are as big a fan as I am.

  11. In regards to that post, I just wanted to say that I so identified with your feeling of urgency to get it all done NOW! Your success has not just changed your life, it's changed the way a lot of us think about self-publishing.

  12. The article in today's paper said that you are looking for an editor. I've been teaching writing for 10 years and editing just as long. I've edited textbooks, and I had an online fiction magazine for years. Contact me for more info:
    I am a college professor and nerd, but I could promise you clean copy.
    References galore availableCongrats on all your hard work coming to fruition!

  13. I love Southland. I loved Firefly too but it got canned. Then there was Jeremiah (also canned). Ay carajo. I hope they don't can Southland.

  14. After trolling - mostly stuffy -agent blogs for the past 15 months, I have gravitated to ones like you and Joe Konrath have. In this new literary age, I find your blog to be refreshing, informative and inspirational. But as soon as you start posting query writing tips, I'm out.

  15. Great blog. Sorry if I missed something, but what do you have going on in the St. Paul Pioneer Press? Keep up the steam; it's well-needed in this business.

  16. Thanks for your blogs about self-publishing. I am also a self-published author, and it ain't all smiles and sunshine. I've published a Las Vegas travel guide for Kindle and Nook.

    You have to continually promote your books, and as you mention it means taking time away from writing, which is why we self-publish in the first place! After all of the hard work, you never know how it's going to turn out.

    Thanks again for your insight and best wishes with your books --

  17. Congratulations on both your success and your efforts to educate those who are considering an attempt to emulate you. I work with a large number of small and indie publishers, and most start-ups are much less "together" than you are.

    Some odd thoughts, that you may already have considered.

    First, have you tried LSI, in order to get into Ingram and jumpstart your sales through bricks and mortar stores? LSI's prices are, as I'm sure you know, comparable with CreateSpace's publisher-only prices, but the distribution will extend your reach.

    Then again, like all of publishing, there are complicating factors to consider. (And if you have considered this, a discussion of the issue in your blog might be very enlightening for the publishing and writing section of your burgeoning audience.)

    Second, have you considered evaluating the way you run your business, in order to tame the inevitable, ever-increasing demands of being a publisher?

  18. Nice to meet you Amanda. I've been hearing about you as well as some other success. I guess all of us wish success could be bottled. I for one think that paying attention to what works and what doesn't goes a long way to making us successful.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium, Special .99 through April 30

  19. I have some issues posting from the Iphone too. Ever have pictures show up but no text?

  20. Souhtland is indeed fantastic. I love love love that show and I felt they ended this season perfectly with last nights episode. I can't wait till next season.

    I'm self-publishing, but I know I have a long way to go before my craft is up to par. In the meantime, I'm just writing, writing, writing and learning from my mistakes. I just popped in on your blog because of all the press you have been getting but when you mentioned your love for Southland, I felt I had to say something. lol

    And congrats on all your hard work finally paying off!


  21. I've been reading articles about you for a few days. I want to congratulate you on your epublishing success story.

    I also want to mention that Marion Gropen has a good point regarding LSI. Bookstores, libraries, library jobbers, wholesalers and distributers are more likely to order your books via LSI than they would via CreateSpace.

  22. Kudos, Amanda, on your success and the mark you're making in the fiction and self-publishing worlds. I saw the article on you and the interview in the St. Paul Pioneer Press; pretty cool.

    Some mention has been made here re: Lightning Source as an option for the self-publisher, and that's sound advice. I just launched my 4th book through LSI; they're very professional, the distribution is literally worldwide, and the profit margin for the self-publisher is very healthy. BUT! No hand-holding is provided by LSI; self-publishers should be aware of that. The files you upload, both book and cover, must be perfect, or hefty fees apply. You can also submit a printed-out copy of the book, and they'll scan it in for you.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Amanda!

  23. "I want people to research & be careful."

    Very good advice - & this is the message I took from the previous post. The 'us against them' mentality & the rants (regardless of publishing path) are a waste of time & energy.

    I applaud your success & appreciate your attitude.

  24. I got the message from your blog, and I agree -- we should all make our own decisions, based on our own research. If we run in blind, then we have no idea what to realistically expect.

    I happen to think that e-books are the way to go.

    But to anyone else:

    Your mileage may vary.


    Nicholas La Salla
    One More Day: A Modern Ghost Story