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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sad Day/Good Day

A couple things. One sad. One good.

First sad: Despite pledging my devotion to Mike on Dancing with the Stars and posting the call-in number on twitter and Facebook, he did not get enough votes to stay on. And now I am sad. Because he endeared himself to me. He doesn't seem like he'd be super adorable, but he really is.

Mike on DWTS - you will be missed

Oh well, I'll just throw all my support behind Macchio, since he's going to win DWTS

Good thing: I ran an impromptu caption contest on Twitter and Facebook last week. I said who ever came up with the cleverest response would win a signed copy of a book. I based my decision solely on how much I laughed upon reading the caption.

Here's the picture:

And here's the winning tweet:

The caption is especially fitting, because although you can't tell, I am in fact wearing a Star Wars shirt in the picture.  It was this shirt, actually (from

Thanks to everyone for participating in that. I had a lot of fun reading what everyone had to say, and I think I'll be doing more of that kinda stuff in the future. Because it was fun. And I enjoy fun things.


  1. At least you were aware that your person was going to be voted off. I've never watched the show, but it always sounds as though everyone is sure of who will win from the get go.

    I'm really just here to acknowledge the awesomeness of the Star Wars shirt.

  2. Okay, I totally thought someone had died...I saw that picture and i was like, did one of the dancers die? I don't watch the show. I watched So You Think You Can Dance for awhile, but they take too many hours out of a week. I do know that 3 of their pro dancers on DWTS were on SYTYCD.

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  4. I liked Mike too. He reminds me of the actor who plays Rafe on Days of Our Lives.

    And Ralph isn't necessarily a shoo-in. there are a few other good ones (Hines...even Kirstie?)

  5. I grew up with Star Wars, my father was a huge fan and we watched them often, along with Star Trek. It's great knowing you appreciate the great things in life, regardless of their age!!! We're about the same age you and I and it's amazing what an inspiration you have become for so many. I wait with bated breath for your next masterpiece to be released, especially the fifth book in MBA. Thank you...

  6. I hope Macchio wins.

    The original Karate Kid trilogy still rocks harder than that kung-fu take with Will Smith's son.

    Macchio's one of the truly nice guys working in Hollywood.

    And "Wax On, F#*$ Off!" totally rules on

  7. Nice kitty, nice post, good writing ;)

  8. Mike (DWTS) was on Regis this morning. He'll go far beyond radio. What a sweet guy!

    Re: Star Wars - I have the theatre magazines with each of the original trilogy on the covers. I dressed as Princess Leia for Halloween (twice) with the danishes on my head.

  9. I just wanted to let you know how much i love your books!!!
    i started out with switched on my kindle, and since then have read all of your books that are available at amazon.
    I loved them so much that i would love to get them in paperback as well!

  10. I just wanted to say congrats to Amanda for being mentioned in this weeks Entertainment Weekly. Way to go.

  11. I'm looking forward to more captioning WAY more than the gorgeous cat is :-)
    Um, and pardon the geek alert but the colour balancing in that compostion - the blue of books, the shirt, the curtain, not to mention the brown of cat and couch - are fantastic

  12. *ahem* I haven't watched any episodes yet...they're all on DVR. I had a short story to get done and I just couldn't. Now the story's done and I can have a nice marathon. Yay!

  13. That shirt makes me think of "Where The Wild Things Are" (the movie). It was much, much better than I thought it would be. I loved the book as a kid, but c'mon, a two hour movie based on a 20 page book?

    I'm not gonna lie. I had teary eyes.

    One More Day

  14. OMG that shirt design is SO CUTE.

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