Monday, March 7, 2011

that guy from that thing

I feel like I should update my blog, but I don't want to talk about me. I've talked about me a lot and everybody else has talked about me and it's just enough of me.

Let's talk about William Fichtner. You may say to yourself, "I don't know who that it is," and you'd probably be right, but then you'd look at a picture of him and go, "Oh yeah! He's that guy from the thing!" Yep. That's William Fichtner.

He's been in a number of television shows and movies over the past twenty years, including The Dark Knight, Prison Break, Armageddon, Mr & Mrs Smith, and Crash. And I've always enjoyed him. But on Friday I saw on Drive Angry, and it officially won me over as a hardcore fan.

Okay. So I know what you're thinking. "Drive Angry 3D? Really?" Yes. I expected it to be horrible. But it wasn't. I seriously loved it. And I would say at least 90% of that love came from William Fichtner's protrayal of the Accountant.

I will say that by the end of the film, I still didn't completely understand what he was "accounting." And some of the film didn't completely "make sense." But the explosions were fun. The cars were awesome (it was mostly a 69 Charger). And William Fichtner was incredibly badass.

So I would recommend going seeing it. I honestly gave it to a 9 out of 10. My viewing companions didn't enjoy it as much as I did. But I've figured out that if at least one thing blows up and at least one person is super awesome and kickass, then I will enjoy the movie. Especially when I see it in theaters.

At any rate, William Fichtner is somebody who deserves more buzz this week than me. So go watch Drive Angry  or Albino Alligator or The Dark Knight. But really, you should watch The Dark Knight every day anyway.