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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

UPDATED: What I Can Say Right Now

There's some buzz on the internet about me, and I'm not at a point where I can say much about it.

But here's what I can say - I'm writer. I want to be a writer. I do not want to spend 40 hours a week handling emails, formatting covers, finding editors, etc. Right now, being me is a full time corporation. As I said before in my post - Some Things That Need to be Said - I am spending so much time on things that are not writing.

I like writing. I even like marketing, especially when it comes to interacting with readers. And I don't mind editing. I just don't want to run my corporation, because that takes away from writing and everything else that I actually enjoy doing.

Also, I have not had time to get Lost Without You ready yet. I have a book that is almost ready to publish, but because of everything else going on, I have not had time to get it ready and publish. THIS is a problem. I am a writer, but that doesn't mean anything if I can't get a book to readers. 

There's several factors that go into my decision making about any possible future endeavors. The biggest factors are my readers and the longevity of my career. My goal has always been to put the highest quality product I can out in a way that is the most accessible to readers. My goal has never been to be the "darling" or the "poster child" for any movement.

I currently have self-published 9 books, and I will continue to self-publish books in the future. Lost Without You will be coming out self-published sometime in April or May (I'm hoping for April, but as I said earlier, other things are taking over my life).

To put some things in the indie vs traditional in perspective, I'm going to post something that the fantastic Nathan Bransford posted on his blog only two weeks back (to read the whole post, click: here):

    The reality: This is still a print world and probably will be for at least the next several years. Even as some publishers report e-book sales jumping to between 25% and 35% in January, the significant majority of sales are still in print. As I wrote in my recent post about record stores, over a decade after the rise of the mp3 the majority of revenue in music is still in CDs. 
    So let's not get out of hand (yet) about the scale of this e-book self-publishing revolution, if it is indeed one. Yes, this is real money we're talking about. Yes, these authors deserve all the credit in the world. And yes, these authors are also making money in print as well. 
    But we're still a ways away from self-published Kindle bestsellers making Dan Brown, James Patterson, Stephenie Meyer, J.K. Rowling kind of money, the old-fashioned way, through paper books in bookstores. It's not as exciting a story to remember that traditionally published franchise James Patterson made $70 million between June '09 and June '10, but it's still worth keeping in perspective.

Also, you should really check out my older blogs: Indie vs. Traditional (especially the part about Ann Author) from February, or even Some Things That Need to Be Said from earlier this month. And here's a post from way back in August called My Thoughts on Indie Publishing.

UPDATED: Even though I specifically said in this blog that I enjoy marketing and editing, and I know that regardless of how I publish in the future, I will have to continue to market and edit, people think that's what I'm referring to when I say I'm spending time on things that aren't writing.

No. I'm not. I'm referring to staring at the computer for ten hours straight trying to get the margins just right on the book cover, because no matter how many times I check the rulers, Createspace insists that I got it wrong. Or getting a thousand emails from people offering to help edit, and then since I need the help, weeding through them for hours to try to find people that would be the best fit. Or working with people on various tasks only to find that for whatever reason, you're not going to work well a person, and I have to fire them. Do you know much it sucks to fire people?

That's what I am talking about. I have no problem with marketing or editing. I will continue to do both things. I think both of those tasks fall under the umbrella of being a writer. I think desigining covers, firing people, formatting books, hiring and firing people - those fall under the heading of publisher. And I would be happy to relinquish more of my publishing role.

So that's my clarification.


  1. Good luck to you, whatever happens.

  2. In any case, I think the real issue comes down to this: you had a dream and you went for it...and you succeeded. THAT is what's matter what you do in the future. Kudos to you!

  3. No stress WOMAN ! Just write and enjoy it. Wish I were as talented. If we dont hear from you for awhile. I bet we all know what your doing !

  4. You are absolutely right about having not time to write. I may not have sold as many books as you, but the fact remains that if i want to progress, since i self edit too, i have to market and publicise, deal with bookstore etc etc. The writing process is not long when your idear is ready, its to market it after. So non publisher= tons of work. But to get a publisher it takes months and months and try and try and try again. grrrrr! Should be easier for you i guess, i mean they sould be running after you now on no??? (sorry for my english im french canadian)

  5. Oh Amanda, I hope you're laughing all the way to the bank and then doing whatever the heck you want to. You've worked hard, you've proven many interesting things, and you can do whatever you please. Don't let the crazy people that live in the internet drive you, well, crazy. ;) Enjoy your position of being in the driver's seat, because that, after all, is what you've inspired most of us other indie writers with. Being in control, being able to make the decisions that make the most sense for *us* for our goals, and where we are in our career and want to get. Good luck! Keep blogging! :)

  6. Amanda: I hope you find the time to write, its important and you love it, so block out everything and write. Also, go to Australia, dont wait - just go. About reverse childhood, I'm almost 40 and I now love more than anything to read books for kids/teens/young adults and that's what I write. I also buy all my 'non work' clothes from places like Hot Top and such. Im having my 40th birthday party at a skate rink and Im excited I can now freely afford to do the things I love that are simple and I always had to beg my mom money to do when young.
    Simply: do what you want - write, go where you want - australia, be who you are - Amanda.

  7. I've stopped reading all the posts other people are writing about you, not because I'm not interested in you or your career, but because I'm not interested in what Everyone Who Is Not You has to say about you and your career.
    I like your books and I will read them whether they are self-published or not and I think whatever labels people want to stick you with, writer is the truest and best one. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do. Hang in there!!

  8. so how are you publishing? because i have a script i am working on and would love to get it to readers and maybe a publisher someday.btw your books are awesome;)

  9. You shouldn't feel the need to explain and in a way, it's sad that you do. Writers write. It's what we do. It's what drives us-creatively, emotionally, mentally. Instead of writing your stories, you're having to submit statements about your feelings toward this unexpected media frenzy that has chosen you as its victim. And while we certainly appreciate your views on the matter, what we really want are the tales spinning a fine yarn in your brain.

    I wish you good luck on your endeavors, much success and longevity in the business.

  10. I'd wish you luck, but I think you're pretty well set! Can't wait to see what happens next.

  11. Thumbs up. I don't understand why it has to be 'either/or'. I think a hybrid approach is great. Plus while I'm not normally a fan of the teeny-bopper vampire had me HOOKED after Hollowland. Zombies & tough heroine who kicks-booty; my kind of book!

    You got chops and you can write a variety of genre's.


  12. Your writing is what keeps us coming back...and we will continue to do so, regardless of who publishes it.

  13. okay maybe i should reword that,how do you self-publish?

  14. Do what's right for you and know we'll all keep reading.

  15. Sweetie, just keep being you and do what you feel you want to do. That being said--I personally want you to keep on writing and as long as you do, I will keep buying and reading your books.

  16. Keep writing, Amanda...if I can be of any assistance, please let me know. :)

  17. I am so glad I found you on Barnes and Nobles using the Nook - Keep doing what you are doing! For us other writers who have lost the time write to life - we appreciate you and your books! Thanks!

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  19. I really commend what you are doing. The fact that you are stil a girl in your 20's while writing and publishing your own books is fantastic. I really enjoy reading your books.

  20. We're all rooting for you. Best of luck with whatever you decide!

  21. I hope it all works out! I think you are a fantastic writer & I think the fact that you self publish is awesome!

    can't wait to read what comes out next!

  22. Maybe a break from the world would help you finish what you're working on? Unplugging :) HA! I say that as if I could do that, or anyone else. But yeah, taking some "you" time to write might be good :) Whatever you decide to do, good luck with it. Look forward to your new books, whenever they come out :)

  23. I remember a quote that went like this:
    The more time you spend talking about writing, is more time you waste, when you could be writing.

  24. It definitely seems to have its drawbacks, this whole 'being awesome enough to become super famous' thing. Take heart in the fact that your readership is quite dedicated! And rightfully so. Good luck striking that balance!

  25. I just discovered this blog a few days ago, and it's really refreshing and rare these days to see personal blogs from writers, I think because it is really difficult not to take negative responses and what the media are saying personally. Keep your chin up! You've already proven yourself with your writing, and it seems you have a strong fan base. I really hope that you will keep the blog up because I think you're a great writer and it's really generous of you to open a window onto your thoughts, but you have to do what's best for you!

  26. Amanda,

    I know you don't know me from Eve, but I've followed you blog for a while. You've got to do what's right for YOU! You don't have to answer to me or anyone else.

    If it helps, pretty much everyone I knew thought I was insane for walking away from my career as an attorney five years ago. But my decision saved my marriage, my life and my sanity.

    I wish you the best no matter what path you take.


  27. Everyone I know is thrilled for you and hoping only the best and more of it coming your way.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor. :)

  28. Bravo Amanda! Damn straight you are a writer to the delight of so many. You need to do what's best for you, and secondary to that, you need to help yourself connect with your readers as best as possible. You have such talent and you will succeed no matter which path you choose. Congratulations!

  29. Judging from the tone of your post I'm inclined to go ahead and say 'congrats' right now. If you've got a chance to write and only write (and the numbers add up, of course) there's no reason not to go for it! That's what most of us dream. And let's be honest, even if you do have that chance, you still won't have enough time to write it all... just sayin'. :)

  30. If it's what you want and it works for you, go for it!

  31. Try to enjoy it -- even the maddening parts. And if you need a break, take one! You're allowed to turn on an email automatic responder or something that says "Thank you for your email. I am currently preparing X for publication and may not be able to respond." Or something! Try not to let it overwhelm you. Go treat yourself to something and breathe.

  32. You can have any job while writing. Anyone who wants to write novels only for the sake of making money is kidding themselves. Don't stress about having less writing time, it'll come to you.

  33. *chuckles* McKenzie McCann, you're telling Amanda Hocking that she can't make money writing and she should take some job? *chuckles some more*

    Time doesn't just "come" for writing. One has to make sure the time is there.

    Amanda, you've earned this so enjoy it and I just hope this gives you what you're looking for out of it, if what you are looking for is more time to write.

  34. You had a dream. You did things to make it happen. Now you want to sustain it. That describes everyone in the world!

    Well done. Good luck. Hope everything works out... :-)

  35. Try not to let all the pressure and negativity get to you. At the end of the day you are still a writer and you should do what you feel is not right without having to live up to other people's expectations.

  36. You should hire a personal assistant for a few hours a week to take charge of the onerous admin stuff. Someone smart who can tell the difference between stuff you need/want to see and stuff you don't.
    Many hands make light work.
    Then more time for writing.

  37. You may not want to be part of a movement, but maybe you don't have a choice. You're a motivation for people like me who are indie authors. I appreciate your wanting to go traditional, but I fear what that will do to your works. Regardless, I hope changing course is beneficial for you.

  38. Amanda:

    When one author succeeds, we all win. I don't think there's any better or worse way to build a future. The best path for you should be the one you pick.

    I hope you get exactly what you want on whatever terms you prefer.

    Quacking Alone

  39. Remember that life is about what makes us happy. Stay focused on that and not what people believe should make you happy. And who said you should ever have to pick what you want? I do it all and love it.

  40. Everyone says that writing comes first but if you have built a platform on the relathipship you have cultivated with your readers, it's hard to continue to balance it all. I start my day checking websites, e-mail accounts, commenting on other's blogs, coming up with my next blog post, etc. and when all that is done I start writing. It's a doubled-edged sword. Good luck.

  41. What a great conundrum! (I just like writing that word.) Whatever you do, it will be fabulous!

    Anonymous mentioned personal assistants. I know several writers who have one. It is hard to do it all. I'm finding it difficult, and I don't have the tons of emails from fans yet.


  43. Amanda

    I am so happy that you're having so much success. If you get a deal from a proper publisher, rake them over the coals. Take advantage of your power. Reject offer #1. Then do the same with #2. You're a goldmine to them and worked your ass off to get in this spot. You're holding all the cards!


  44. Kia Kaha, Amanda, and good luck. Just remember if the backlash gets a little overwhelming that for every one nay sayer, you've got ten cheering you on.

    Now strap yourself into that chair, roll up those sleeves, and write. :)

  45. writing is a good its a hooby of mine.something 2 release da steam so i guess i knw where ur cumin frm.
    so yeah match............if its wat u wnt go for it

  46. i understand yr frustration when things take you away from your literary world and off yr goal. I have a book coming out in June and a lot of things keep getting in the way.

    I have to literally force myself to muster enough strength to get the strength to get my project done despite that I love what I'm doing but hate how I'm getting distracted from it.

    good luck on yr lit success amanda!

  47. You have to do what's best for you. Writing is your passion, so that should always come first. But keep in mind the "corporation" doesn't change regardless of how you're published. You can delegate certain services, but in the end, it's still the same beast.

    So like Phil Simon said, you're holding all of the cards, Ms. CEO. Deal them out in a way that fits YOUR model and not the way others think you should. :-)

  48. The buzz on the internet is that you are about to be able to afford an assistant. Or ten. But I hear ya, I've got an ebook coming out in two weeks and I haven't even finished watching Survivor from last week yet, let alone finished editing my ebook.

    But congratulations on all of the success. Good problems to have!

  49. Go on girl, do your thing! Don't worry about trying to explain it! You have to do what's best for you and your career. Best of luck and very excited for you!

    Karly Kirkpatrick

  50. It's hard to do it all by yourself and no one should have to do that. Weighing all the pros and cons, whatever you do has to make sense and make it possible to spend more time writing and less time doing non-writing things.

    As for editors, my editor is someone I trust and have known for years. She hits all the right notes with grammar, punctuation, continuity errors, repetitions (what I call author's tics) and everything in between. Without her, I could not have gotten my book ready in the time I set out. Mary Ann Peden-Coviello is someone I would suggest as an editor, and she is inexpensive and the best editor around. I say that as an editor myself, but I don't trust myself to be the final word. That's what Mary Ann does. Check her out on Facebook.

    J M Cornwell
    Among Women

  51. Amanda, I was on a panel with your stellar agent Steve Axelrod last year at a writers conference in Utah and while he was speaking about you I downloaded several of your books onto my iPad and subsequently read them. I have thrilled with tales of your success so far, appreciate how hard you've worked to achieve it (both through marketing effort and writing skill), and use you as an example of what writers can accomplish in this digital publishing chaos today if they set their minds to it. Keep blazing your own path and know that your supporters will be there. You have an amazing ability to keep things in perspective for someone so young. I will enjoy seeing what you do next.
    Laurie McLean, Larsen Pomada Literary Agents, San Francisco

  52. I didnt realize you edited. Humm.

    Just do what you do. Thats all you can do. (Deep I know, im a writer to! :P)

  53. I think frustration and writing go hand-in-hand no matter how much or how little success you've have being published.

    For most of us, Amanda, and I know you can relate because you were in the same boat not long ago, the frustration lies with having to devote our lives to everything but writing. We work jobs we can barely tolerate, raise our families and scratch a few minutes out to write or read.

    The challenges you face are unfamiliar to most of us, but that doesn't make them less frustrating. So, I sincerely hope you're able to get the business side of things under control and get back to writing consistently.

  54. Amanda, I think you are an amazing writer. You never expected to be at the point you are, and the reason you are there is because of how much your fans love your books. You got famous before you were being interviewed. You did it on your own. I think you should take that trip to Australia and take a break! Don't worry about what other people say. You are successful on your own! If you didn't have anything to do with the public for a month and you just took time to your self and continued writing and took the time you need to work on your books you wouldn't lose any fans. We'd be a little upset but we'd still all be waiting for the next book. Keep up the amazing work and don't worry about what other people say. And who ever criticizes you about editing should put themselves in your shoes. You are selling your books for dirt cheap, don't worry if they aren't perfect, because each story behind them is amazing! Take the time you need to write and stop worrying what others have to say. All you need to do is keep writing!! I can't wait for your next book!!! <3

  55. I cant remember where I heard it said, but Ive heard that just as a painter cannot not paint, a writer cannot not write. Another thing that comes to mind is when Kevin Smith was considering becoming a writer, the best advice he ever got, according to him, is when his sister told him to just write. Act as if you already are a writer and write about the things that interest you and when you actually become a writer it wont seem like that big of a deal because you always were. Just thought Id share! Great blog!

  56. Have you considered hiring an assistant? A good assistant can ghost write tweets, blog posts, and some reader responses. They can also handle formatting, uploading, etc. You would need to give them to do list at first, but after you get used to each other, an assistant can predict what needs to be done without you telling them. They might even do a few other tasks like grocery shopping. (And they won't expect a cut of your royalties.)

    Kristle, a former assistant

  57. Oh, man. Work upon work upon work. I know the feeling.

  58. i invite you to my blog

  59. I suspect you are a smart savvy businesswoman and will make the right choice for you and your career at this point. Everyone else trying to weigh in with if you are right/wrong/looking for a publisher for validation etc need to worry about their own career instead of yours.

    You write great books and I fully believe that if you end up not liking the traditional publisher route will go back to self publishing. Good luck

  60. Amanda should do what Amanda wants to do. I'll buy and read whatever you write because I enjoy your books.

    If you want to get a publisher, do that. If you want to remain self-published, then do that. What you shouldn't do is let everyone else's opinions make you do anything - especially feel bad about yourself or your amazing talent.

    I understand that publishers could do wonders for you. I get that. Here's my problem with publishers: they screw over me, the reader, the consumer. Many charge way too much for eBooks and I resent it. I resent them charging more for an eBook than a physical book. I resent them charging $15 for an eBook when a new hardcover sells for $5 or $10 less. I watch those publishers and don't buy books from them.

    I now prefer to buy indie so I can support good new authors and not get screwed at the same time. I don't buy many if my fav authors now until paperbacks come out and the eBook price drops or if it's a must have, go to the library. I support writers 150%. But I, as a consumer, have no use for most publishing houses.

    No matter what I think, your professional future is based on - or should be based on - what YOU think. Thus far, your thinking has donepretty well.

  61. Life's like a movie keep pretending, keep believing, we've done just what we set out to do.

    Also, is it weird that I really can't wait to read your Carrie novel? Not a novel based on the story mind, but instead about a character named Carrie and her wacky antics.

    Possibly as a self-published author.

  62. Amanda, are you offering me a job as your assistant?
    I just spent last night inspiring a fellow wannabe writer like myself with your story. We both hope to be in your good (epublished) company soon. Keep at it. Now I shall take my own advice and get writing.

  63. Just bought myself signed copies of Torn and My Blood Approves in your store on here...doing happy dance...just saying something totally random to above subject...but yay for me:D Looking forward to receiving them.


  64. Hmmmm, methinks you should:

    a) get Eric to handle all of your emails, blog and FB comments for a few months;

    b) get your agent to continue to suss out print options for you and movie deals etc;

    c) find a good editor and stick with him/her for all your work;

    d) wean yourself off blogging too frequently;

    e) get on with focusing on your writing;

    f) keep rocking out great books!

    But hey, who am I to tell you how to run things?!

    I do know however that if you surround yourself with good capable people you will have more time to do what you love best.


  65. I think your well on your way to being a famous author so keep doing what your doing. Good luck!


  66. Most of us know the loud blog from a Chicagoland writer who has such resentment for the traditional publishers--the "gatekeepers"--that he has dedicated his life to getting every half-talented writer to throw vanity e-books on the Kindle.

    But when one looks deeper, at any other blog site, the ebook revolution is growing and will be the norm, but the authors others mention (plus Jodi Picoult, Joyce Carol Oates, new seller Emma Donoghue, Karen Russell of Swamplandia!, and on and on)--who wouldn't take a plunge into traditional publishing if they could. Barry Eisler turns down a 1/2 mill deal--good for him; his career is defined, he has played his cards, he knows he can make more on vanity publishing because, like it or not, he's a midlist author.

    But a new author, like Amanda, may just have what it takes to be one of these huge lit stars. Stephanie Meyers did it within the past 3 years plus. Megamillions are at stake--what new author with unexplored potential wouldn't try if accepted by the "gatekeepers"? It's a couple of books--if it fails, one can still write more books and self-pub. It's a no-brainer.

  67. To be a writer is never that simple. There were so many factors to be considered. I really loved to write. I write poems when I am so stressed and disappointed. And I admired the way you think and of your talent. Self- publishing is ans was never that simple. Cost of money is the main reason. And we are afraid that what if the customers won't buy the book that we publish.

  68. So after grumbling, I had to look you up and find you here.
    As my poor little novel sits barely noticed except for a few fans who are insisting on a sequel, I have to admire your success, and yes, feel a twinge of envy.
    Regardless of my lack of readers, the equal lack of marketing skills, I produced a novel I'm quite proud of. I think in the end that says more than anything.

  69. You are an excellent writer and no matter what career decision's you make I'll always remain a loyal fan.

  70. Good luck with your writing career and all the decisions you're making right now. You seem like a very sweet, level-headed young woman. Don't lose that. Stay grounded, and you'll do great. ")

  71. Thanks so much for the mention! I can't wait to see the next step for you, and best of luck in the meantime. Your cool head has served you very well.

  72. Dear Amanda
    please check Dean Wesley Smith before taking any decision.
    I know you're tired, but I don't think traditional publishing is going to help you find more time to write.
    Best and keep writing

  73. Lots of people are saying negative things about you, meaning you are well-known. If you want to write and you feel that it's your first priority other than doing some stuffs, then do it! Keep writing for you are such a gifted person.


  74. Dineen Van DeursenMarch 24, 2011 at 10:10 AM

    There is no need to defend yourself to anyone but yourself. You have a lot of talent and enjoy what you do. That is all you need to know and the readers will be there for you always. I loved everything you published and will continue to buy anything you write. Keep up the great work.

  75. Good for you. Every author takes an individual path, and what's right for one person might not be right for another. Do what's best for you, and don't listen to the criticism. Best of luck, and congrats on the deal!

  76. I think it's great how you took a chance into self-publishing and it paid off. It isn't easy to do all that work and I admire all the work you were willing to do to get where you are now. It shows your strength and endurance and keeps the rest of us writers working hard like yourself.

    I look forward to watching you for many years and hope to one day follow in your footsteps by signing with a publishing house.

    It's a great day when you can get back to doing what you want to. Best of luck with all your writing endeavors.

  77. I just read the news and wanted to say congratulations! You have been a huge inspiration to me and I am so proud for you! You aren't some self-appointed leader of the self-publishing world and from the start you have been upfront about the truths and difficulties of the process.

    Again, congratulations! I can't wait to read the series!


  78. Hello from South America!

    Here you can reach a lot of people.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best luck for you!


  79. Congratulations on your success, Amanda! I am so in awe of your maturity and level-headedness in all of this. I'm so glad to see that the writing remains the most important thing to you and that, hopefully, now you will be able to hire help for some of the things that take you away from that.

    Best of luck in the future!

  80. I am not familiar with your writing yet, but just judging by this post and receiving 88+ comments from this post from your readers, you must have talent! Good luck to you!

  81. Kathleen McGown has published three books with Simon and Shuster...this is her response to my post about traditional publishers. She plans to go back to self publishing ASAP. Her first book, The Expected One was self pulishing success.

    Best of luck in the Bear Cave!

    Kathleen McGowan: I so admire this young woman and have been following her success, but as someone who has been where she is, I wish I could get her on the phone for an hour. If not, I would love to get this message to her: DON'T DO IT AMANDA!!!!!!!!! Big ...publishing is Darth Vader. The evil empire. It will devour her Jedi spirit. The myth of the big advance is really all about stealing your soul. I bet no one is telling her she will never see a penny of royalties past those advances, even if she breaks every sales record in the world. I pray this girl retains contrl of her fledgling media empire - and of her vision. Because she will lose all of it the day she signs that contract. Do I sound bitter?

  82. Congrats on your awesome book deal. I look forward to reading your books in 2012 and to pimp them out on my blog :)

  83. I now understand this post!! Congratulations on your deal! I doubt you will lose any fans over it. I don't think they read your books only because you are a self publisher! Your books are amazing and I would def pay more for them if I had to! <3

  84. Congratulations! Since you made self publishing work, why not trad publishing too? It's all about the stories. I hope to see a lot of titles from you in the future, and your readers and real fans don't care where they come from :)

  85. With all due respect, who ever heard of Kathleen McGowan. She may be a wonderful author, but she's not a big name writer. Her advice is important, but comes from a different perspective than Amanda.

    Only with an Amazon search do I see that she writes faith-based books. Amanda writes popular literature… as do the authors that I mention in my blog post above.

    Traditional publishers remain the conduit to Hollywood (never saw a feature film from a vanity e-book yet, although Amanda’s going in that direction), movies, tie-ins, advertising in national forums (e.g. USA Today, Wall Street Journal, etc.), and when we see Burger King cups with Amanda’s characters on them for the film tie-in, we can all know that it has never been done, to date, by self-publishing.

    To become the next Kingsolver, Meyers, Evanovich, Roberts, Oates, Morrison, McMillan, etc., who wouldn’t throw their hat into the ring? Other than the readers of Konrath’s blog, I can think of few that would pass it up now. Here and now. Not future, now.

    Grab the golden ring. Amanda has plenty of momentum that the household name authors above did not have, so Ms. Hocking's a leg up.

  86. Congratulations, Amanda! Your hard work and dedication and talent are paying off.

  87. No hate from here. Good luck!

  88. Congratulations on your success. Now hire thee an assistant, girl! There are wonderful people that work as virtual assistants - writer's assistants, even - that can handle so much of that stuff you've been doing on your own. Plenty of authors already have them.

  89. Get yourself a PA ... draft in a relative, if you can't afford to pay much now, you will be able to in the future... Don't write about the problem, act upon the problem... then you will be writing about solving the problem... ;)

  90. You have a wonderful talent as a writer. I've enjoyed your e-books more than many formally published books that are out there. It's my humble opinion, however, that the formal editing process that a publishing house provides would take your work to the next level, and that that level would be truly amazing. Now that you've proven your talent and success before needing a book deal, you are in the cat seat in negotiations with publishers to demand that you maintain a level of artistic control that makes you comfortable. Your potential knows no boundaries, especially given the way that you have reached success without commitments to the establishment. What an exciting and tumultuous time this must be for you. Best of luck and I look forward to reading your future works.

  91. Amanda, congratulations that your hard work has led you where you want to be. Enjoy every second of this exciting ride.

  92. You are awesome and an incredible inspiration. Congratulations on finding your path. May your journey be fruitful and joyous!

  93. IN RESPONSE TO: "Coolkayaker1 said...
    With all due respect, who ever heard of Kathleen McGowan. She may be a wonderful author, but she's not a big name writer..."

    Kathleen McGowan is one of the most gifted storytellers in print :-) I doubt you'd make these comments AFTER reading her trilogy series...

  94. Nice post. It's a symptom of the sick system that a few authors take in 90% of the advance money while the rest of us fight for the table scraps in the traditional publishing heap. When we go the indie route, we risk making even less than that. We have our freedom though, and that's worth the lost possibilities of cash.

    The problem with this way of thinking though is that realistically unless you are tremendously lucky (talent has nothing to do with the traditional publishing world) -- and I mean TREMENDOUS, STUPENDOUS, MEGAMONKEYDOWNLIKEDONKEYKONG lucky -- you will never make much money at all from the traditional world. And if you do, you just might end up like Brian Keene and many others did, who were all hosed over by Leisure Books for tens of thousands of dollars.

    Or, you could end up like me: working hard on a book for a year under the impression it'll get released on a grand scale, only to have the rug pulled out from beneath you at the last second and have the second book you were planning on working on with that same publisher flat out rejected because they're canceling their spec fic line. Meanwhile, you're stuck with the piece of crap house you bought on your meager advance money and a dream.

    The collection calls for the former are much faster than for the latter, let me tell you.

    It's not fair, but in the traditional publishing world, there are no good guys or bad guys. The publishers can fluctuate either way at will because they can. We take a big risk by signing away our rights for the publication of our work.

    There's no sure thing, nothing that anyone can say will 100% be "the right way" to go about making a living writing.

    My thoughts: I think you're doing absolutely the right thing, Amanda, and I wish you the best success in the future, too. :-) Write for the love of it.


    One More Day: A Modern Ghost Story

  95. Congratulations on your contract with St. Martin's Press. I'm the author of the "Angel in the Shadows" series and like you, I just want to write. I have a website, but I don't blog, can't find the time. You go girl! You deserve your success.

  96. Congratulations on the contract with St. Martin's. It is refreshing to see such a success story and it gives the rest of us something to reach for.

  97. Hi Amanda,

    First, I wanted to say that I am so happy for you and your success. I think you have inspired a lot of writers and instead of giving up their dreams, they are going to follow in your footsteps.

    I am writing to you because I found a publishing company that you might be interested in. It's called Lucky Bat Books ( ). I'm like you - I want to be a writer but I don't have time to do all the work it takes to publish on my own, especially when I have a full time day job. So I hired Lucky Bat to publish my first novel for me. They will do all the work for you for a one time fee, without taking your royalties. Anyhow, I thought it was something you might be interested in.

    Anyhow, best of luck to you.

    Melissa Douthit

  98. Amanda,
    I am so pleased that you will be able to focus more on your writing, now. I did hear that you will be signing with St. Martin's which is a Macmillan publisher (as I am sure you know!)I am sure you could care less but I have been boycotting Macmillan and it's imprints because of the library fiasco. I'd like to say I will rush out and buy your books (cause I sure have up till now!) but the truth of the matter is that it would against my principals, since I don't buy many of my favorite authors who currently publish with Macmillan. I am happy for your success but sad that you threw in your lot with such a crappy library hating company, just about any of the other big 5 would have been better.

  99. A few minutes ago, I read an article about your 4-book deal with St. Martin's Press. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  100. Some thoughts, if we were you, if you haven't already.
    While you may or may not have intended to be a "poster child" for any cause. You clearly are benefiting from the movement. There's certainly no need to disparage it!
    In fact, finding a niche, facilitating advantages, and delegating authority is a recipe for success.
    You've found your success and the thing you like to do. It's time to hire or contract out, for the tedium that separates you from your work and your enjoyment.

    Personally. we're all about Amanda
    Hocking - The Revolutionary just as much as Amanda Hocking - The Author. We think that you have the potential for revolutionizing the industry and establishing precedent for future authors.

    The James Patterson franchise may have seen $70 million in a 12 month stretch. But it's doubtful that James Patterson, the person, saw anymore than 14%-20% of that. I mean, even a half-assed tattoo artist is worth 40% of the revenue they generate at a shop!

    Think about what hip-hop and r&b artists did when they couldn't get their foot in the door at the big recording and distribution houses. They started their own labels, made their own contracts, struck their own distribution deals. And later, promoted other disenfranchised artists.
    We're in a technology-inspired Age of Innovation. And we don't want you to shy away from being innovative. Believe us, if our dreams, vision, and goals are realized? We'll be right alongside you...innovating the whole way!

  101. amanda-

    congratulations on the big deal!
    best of luck, babe... be happy...


  102. Great story unfolding, happy success. Perhaps some day I will have my own story to tell, I am working on it. Best wishes.

  103. Holy Guacamole! That's a lot of comments! But I have to leave one too! Good Job! And Best of Luck! I don't care how it's published, just as long as you're still calling the shots, and writing the books!

  104. I saw an article about you, and found it inspiring. I am finding it challenging to write and manage the business aspect of writing as well - especially the publicity and marketing. Those two items have been my greatest challenges to date, so it was especially encouraging to see in your blog post that you enjoy marketing.

    Best to you in your endeavors, self-published and otherwise.
    J.L. Godwin
    (Home of the Worst Relationship Advice on the Planet)

  105. Amanda, in your modesty and generosity, you continue to amaze us all. Thank you for sharing so much of your experience and lifestyle with all your fans, myself included. It's such a special privilege to be one of your followers. As it is, who likes to follow people in the first place? I don't. I like to think of myself as a leader in certain ways but, in your case, I'm more than happy to follow. It is my privlege to follow someone of your caliber. I think you are delightful in every way, even the vampires. :)

  106. Well Done..Many Years of Wonderful Books By Amanda Hocking,,My daughter dnloaded to her nook.And can't stop reading....I tried to dnload to my blkberry but ,alas no App..So I will wait until there sre hard copies to order..Love your Library..Many many I have read..But there so many I haven't..Best Susan ,Vermont.. StMartins..Just has Great Taste...

  107. Congrats! I think your deal shows just how successful an indie writer can be. Regardless of whether you publish on your own or traditionally, your accomplishments are inspiring for anyone trying to break into the business.

    As long as you are always doing what's right for you and your craft, that's all that matters.

  108. Amanda,

    You deserve the success and owe no one an explanation. That you choose to give one regardless shows the depth of your class and the appreciation you have for your audience (and your craft).

    Congratulations and good luck.

    Kemari Howell

  109. Congratulation Amanda! Your success will make authors (like me) say or think "Yes! It IS possible!" Continue following your passion! Many people already love you! and Congrats for your new home! Woo-hoo!

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  114. Hi Amanda,

    I am from South Africa and today I got my Kindle and ordered Switch via Loving the boook BTW!
    I have to disagree with you when it comes to the debate of print V Ebook. Here in South Africa just about everybody owns a cell phone even a gardener who earns barely minimum wage. Kindle technology will end up the same as more corporations get on the act.The product will just get cheaper with more variety of Kindle to choose from. Print is great for the next five years but not more than that. I assure you that even here in South Africa where there is plenty of poverty the majority of the population will own a Kindle or something better. That is the way forward. So my advice (sorry!) sign your contract, make some good money but do not let anyone tie you down for longer than a five year period.Very happy for you, take care.

  115. Congrats on Getting the book deal. You OWN the internet book sales and you have your OWN way of doing that. Open World Network also is OWN and they OWN their OWN unique style in that endeavor. Blessings

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