Monday, April 11, 2011

Moving and Book Stuff

My blogs are probably going to be sporadic for a bit. We're beginning the move into our new place this week, and that process is probably going to take over my life for a couple weeks. Plus, I need to finish polishing Lost Without You and get it ready for a May release.

Every day it seems like there are a million things going on, although lately, it's just been my personal life that's hectic. My mom had a semi-emergency appendectomy last Tuesday. I say "semi-emergency" because it hadn't ruptured yet, but it probably would've in a day or two (I think). But she's doing great now, and she didn't even understand why anyone was worried about her having surgery because it was so minor.

Plus, I'm going to a new dentist and trying to get that straightened out (ha! a pun!). I had a couple doctor appointments (routine check up stuff).

But mostly I've been getting ready for a house. The most difficult thing has been getting a bed. I currently have a full-sized bed, but since my new bedroom will be larger, I wanted to upgrade to a king sized bed. And I knew exactly what kind of bedframe I wanted.

Here's what I learned: Pretty much the only bed that comes in "white" are kid's beds. And despite their apparent popularity, it is really hard to find platform beds.

After searching countless online furniture stores, I found the bed I wanted at (I know, right?) It won't get here until May, though, so it looks like I'll be sleeping on a mattress on a floor for awhile. Oh well. It'll be worth it.

So, with all that aside, I'm hoping to get the first chapter up of Lost Without You some time around the end of April/beginning of May, with the release of the book mid-to-late May. The hold up with the teaser chapter is that the opening of the book is what I'm having the most problems smoothing out. But once I get settled into the new place, my whole focus is going to be on getting that ready and published.

In the meantime, you should check out J. L. Bryan's new book, Tommy Nightmare. It's the sequel to Jenny Pox, and it's out now Amazon. I haven't read it yet, because I'm an idiot, but I will be reading it very soon. Because it sounds awesome. You can check out Tommy Nightmare: here. And the first book, Jenny Pox, is on sale for only $.99 right now.

Also, I'm working on a little something for the Trylle fans:

More info on that to come later. ;)