Monday, April 4, 2011


Eric has been my friend for about ten years. In those ten years, I don't think I've ever gotten him a birthday gift. I've gotten him plenty of fabulous gifts for various occasions, but when it came to his birthday, I always seemed to be unnaturally broke by the time March 24th rolled around.

So I decided to make it up to him this year, and I said that for his birthday, I would take him wherever he wanted to go. We've been discussing it for some time, but by January of this year, he'd had it set to go to Vegas for his 25th birthday. We invited a couple other friends that we don't see very often, and we left for Vegas on Thursday.

We had fun. Nothing too exciting happened, but a good time was had by all. Other than a few mishaps (like the ceiling in our hotel room at the Palms leaking water on us and a cab driver attempting to murder us with his driving), it was fun.
Me and Eric in front of the Bellagio the day we go to Vegas

Here are some of the highlights:

-The views of the city were spectacular. I'm a big sucker for city lights.

The view from our hotel room at night

The view of Vegas from the Stratosphere

-I saw Jason Bateman walking around at the Ceaser's. It was funny because I wasn't paying attention, and my friend Fifi goes, "Hey, that's a celebrity! Isn't he somebody famous?" And I turned around and it was Jason Bateman. I squeed internally, but I didn't talk to him, because I am incapable of talking to famous people. 

Jason Bateman (not from when I saw him, because I didn't photograph him)

-The Divas drag show at the Imperial Palace was phenomenal.
Lady Gaga

Eric with "Joan Rivers" a.k.a. Frank Marino

-Getting to see my friends who I really don't see that often.

My friend Fifi and a Michael Jackson impersonator

My friends Fifi & Valerie at the Stratosphere

Valerie, Eric, me, & Fifi at the Stratosphere

Valerie & her husband Greggor inside the Stratosphere

-I got to play The Dark Knight pinball machine.

-We went to the David Copperfield show, and Eric got picked to go up onstage and Copperfield made Eric disappear. After the show, Copperfield gave Eric an autographed picture and said to him, "I loved you in The Hangover."

Eric Goldman                        Zack Galifinakis in the Hangover

They had tons of the tee shirts with the baby on them from The Hangover, and I kept trying to get Eric to wear one with the some Blublockers and pretend to be Zach Galifinakas. But he refused. And that was a bummer.

Also, for some reason, Eric wouldn't let me eat at Tom Coliccho's restaraunt, even though I love Top Chef more than I love him.

(On a side note, did you guys see the Chef finale last week? I totally cried when Blais won. It was great to see him pull through).

So that was it. That was my trip to Vegas. It was fun. The city was neat. I'm bummed that Barry Manilow was off when were visiting, because I would've loved to have seen him.

But in all honesty, I don't know if I'll go back again. Vegas is a great city, but I'm definitely Midwest girl.

The last pic I took of Vegas, when I woke up in the morning to catch my plane