Monday, May 2, 2011

New Digs!

This is going to be a blog that contains both pictures AND words, which I think is the best kind of blog. I'm officially back to work. We are completely moved out of our old house, and our new house is almost entirely furnished. (Aside from a broken mirror and a missing nightstand).

Eric fixed the internet this weekend (WOOT!), my office got painted on Thursday, and my wonderful family came over on Saturday and slaved away all day helping me and Eric put together our desks. I just finished getting everything put away, so I finally have a space that I'm comfortable writing in in this house.

Anyway - as I said earlier, my family came over to help assemble my office and work on other stuff around the house. This was my mom, my step-dad, my aunt Cindy, my cousin Tina, her husband Corey, and their two kids Leyton and Miley, who are four and three.

Not only did they help me do work (MAJOR SHOUT OUT to all of them - they did a ton and really made my house feel like a home), but they came bearing gifts. Leyton and Miley brought these wonderful guys for me:

Bruce & Wayne

That's Bruce and Wayne. Bruce is the white one with spots, and Wayne is the orange one. They're currently living in the kitchen, because I'm afraid that I'll forget to feed them if they're in the office, since I probably won't be in the office every day. But they would make the office better.

I keep wanting to call them Kyle and Steve because my friend Fifi used to have two goldfish named Kyle and Steve that I was obsessed with. But they died a long time ago, and it was very sad.

And without further ado, here is the magic of my new office:

Where the Magic Happens (er... Will Happen)

My Desk

River Phoenix Poster

Heroes in a Half Shell

Eric's Half of the Office

My Dog, Elroy

Oh, and for those of you wondering about this, I have the explanation:

It's not ready yet, because I'm still getting it formatted, but it's a limited edition omnibus paperback edition of the Trylle Trilogy. I will only be selling 100 of them, and I will be selling them directly through my blog. All of them will be autographed and numbered. All of the proceeds from the Special Edition Trylle Trilogy will go to the Jacob Wetterling Foundation. The omnibus will be available in paperback only.

After this, I will stop selling autographed books from my blog. It's gotten to be too complicated and too time consuming. I wanted to do this as one last hurrah, and readers have been asking for a boxset. I found a boxset to be cumbersome to make, but an omnibus edition worked since it is only three books.

Also, I kinda wanted to do something special because that is my good friend Pete on the cover. She was the original cover model for the first copy of Switched that came out last July.
The cover changed, but not because Petey isn't the prettiest girl in the world (because she is). So I wanted to do something with her, and Claudia at was kind enough to work with the image for me. And I love it.

I do have more news coming this week. But that's enough for today. And I am soo, soo glad to be back.