Sunday, May 29, 2011

Q & A (The A Part)

First up, I'd like to remind everybody that Virtue is currently for sale for the Kindle. I published it for the Nook and the Kindle at the same time, but it's still not up at Barnes & Noble yet. I'm not sure why not, but it should be up soon (hopefully, tomorrow). Meanwhile, it is for sale at Smashwords in formats supported by the iPad, Kobo, Nook, etc. of you'd like to check out it there. 

Eric and I finally got the vlog  up. It took three different takes, and lots and lots of time uploading. It's longer than I'd originally wanted (ending up at about 14 minutes), and I didn't even answer all the questions you guys asked. Thanks to everybody for all the great questions, and if you guys like this, we might try it again later.

P.S. This is the super awesome shirt I'm wearing in the video that you can't really see:

P. P. S. When Eric says, "Did they call him a question, and ask him Brad?" at the beginning, he meant to say, "Did they ask him a question, and call him Brad?" And that's really, really funny to me.

P. P. P. S. The reference to "Inside the Actor's Studio" doesn't make any sense because Eric had asked me ten questions from the show, but the video ran way too long, so we cut out the questions. So yep.