Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Series of Things That Matter to Me

My poor neglected blog. It's been over a week since I last posted. I don't know where my head's at. I guess I like to save up days so when I blog, I feel like I have a lot to talk about (even though I don't. Not really).

First up on things I'm talking about today - my friend/fantastic author J. L. Bryan just posted a great blog and included some insanely cute pics of his brand new baby boy.

Here's just one snapshot of the adorable Bryan Jr:

Jeff also has these words to share with you all: Here's how you can help with the baby: 60-70% of each book I sell goes directly to providing for him.  This would be a great time to try Jenny Pox or any of my other books, conveniently available on your favorite e-reader platform (or Smashwords if you really want a good deal--you get all ebook formats, so that's handy if you decide to change e-readers in the future).

He talks about more stuff in his blog, including some hints on the third book in the Jenny Pox series. So you should check it out, if you like checking out awesome things. 

Things you may not know about me news: I am crazy about my birthday. I am more excited for this upcoming birthday than I have been since my sixteen birthday. I don't know why, exactly, since I'm turning 27 and that isn't too exciting. But I am excited. 

So today I ordered my birthday cake, and it's fantazamazing. That's right. It's new word awesome.

I ordered it from Daube's in Rochester, because it's a well-known fact that they make some of the best cakes in the area. My dad used to get stuff from them all the time when I was younger. This was my first time ordering anything from them myself, and my assistant Eric was looking up reviews on Daube's, and everybody was saying that their food was amazing but the staff was super rude. So I was a little afraid to go there.

This turned out to be entirely false. The guy helping us at Daube's was incredibly nice, even though I basically just ordered a cake with a picture on my cell phone. The place was pretty busy, but the staff was very nice and courteous to both me and Eric. They were the opposite of rude, and my cake is going to be the opposite of terrible. So a big shout out to Daube's for being rad!

I actually had a super fun day today. I didn't do anything too exciting. But I got to have lunch with my friend Pete, and today is her birthday. (Happy birthday, Baby Pete, even though you're getting to be less and less of a baby). And that was fun seeing her.

The worst thing about being adult: You never see enough of your friends. I watched Super 8 the other day, and it was a really good movie. But all the kids running around, being silly and doing kid stuff, that made me realize that's what's bugging me about growing up. I miss just being an idiot with my friends. I mean, I still am, but growing up is silly.

Also, the score for Super 8 was phenomenal. I assumed it was John Williams (because Spielberg produced), but it was actually Michael Giacchino. He's very quickly become a composer to watch. He stuff is very sweet with a bit whimsy, but he can also do the grandiose. He's sorta like if John Williams and Danny Elfman had a baby, and it was a savant composer baby, that was also magic since two men conceived it.

Anyway - enough of that bit of a ramble. Onto the next tangent: For those of you who enjoy reading my tweets and blogs, I have sad news for you. For 10 days towards the end of June, I will be renting a houseboat, and I will most likely have little to no internet access. This means no tweets or blogs.

But for those of you who like reading books I write, this is good news. I'm getting away to work on some writing (as well as relax and clear my head a bit).

I'll be finishing up the first book in the Watersong series (a lot of the book revolves around boats and water, so I thought a houseboat would be the perfect place to finish it up). But I'll also be working on some fun little treats for fans of the Trylle series. You'll have to wait a while (like... six months to check it out), but I think it'll definitely be enjoyable for you guys.

My friend Fifi (her name's really Tiffany, but we call her Fifi, even though I think she hates it) is going to be housesitting for me when I'm gone. This is really good news, because Eric and my dog Elroy are going on the houseboat with me, but my beloved cats and fish will be home. I have this insane, obsessive fear that something will happen to both the cats and fish every second that I'm not home, so I'll feel better knowing Fi is here to protect and watch over them.

The more stuff I wanted to say, but I feel like I've rambled on long enough, and I've forgotten what it was. The point is: You folks rock, and I love you.