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Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Won't Eric Goldman Watch Top Gun?

This is the question on everyone's minds. Or it should be. Because I have been trying, without success, for several years to get Eric to watch it. I think it's important that he see it so can really appreciate what it means when I ask him to be my wingman.

The thing that frustrates me the most is I only suggest movies for Eric to watch that I think he'll enjoy. And he watches them, then enjoys them. (Remember, Beaches, Eric? Or how about Hello Dolly? And Princess Bride?! Or Clue? Flash Gordon? Heathers? Huh?! I know you better than you know yourself!) But for some reason, he's been refusing to watch the following movies: Top Gun and Moon.

Like me, Eric is a big fan of Sam Rockwell. Also like me, Eric is a big fan of things that are well done. Since Moon is both of these things, I can't imagine why he wouldn't like it. I've also recently learned the director of Moon is David Bowie's son. That means that he come from the loins that we've seen in Labyrinth. It is assuredly awesome.

Is Top Gun the greatest movie to come out of the 80s? No. It's not. But I never said it was. But it is good. Plus, Val Kilmer & Tom Cruise hate each other in real life, and they're hatred for each other is palpable on screen. That's fun to watch. Also, I recently learned that Kelly McGillis is a lesbian, and Eric tends to enjoy lesbians, so that should work in his favor. And the song "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin is played no less than 10,000 times through out the film.

If there's one thing you should know about my step-mom it's that she really likes Tom Cruise. And she really liked Top Gun. I think I watched it with her like 4 times. And I liked it every time. I also watched Far and Away, and I liked that. Something I never watched with her: Interview with the Vampire. She's afraid of vampires. So that's something else you should know about her.

Anyway. The point is that all my pestering is for naught. Eric refuses to watch Top Gun or Moon.

So I'm sending it out to you. Fans of either Top Gun or Moon, convince Eric why he should watch those films. If there's one thing you should know about Eric Goldman, it's that he's a sucker for peer pressure.

Here are some places that you can harrass him at:

This is Eric's blog:
This is Eric's twitter:
This is Eric's facebook:

Also, the placeholder covers for my books are up at St. Martin's Press website. These are not the actual covers. Just the placeholder ones that show hints of the actual ones. And they are pretty. You can check them out: here.

And as per some minor, misplaced outrage at something I said in my last post. I said this: "One time, a month ago or so, I had dinner with my publisher and editor, and it went really well. But my publisher had talked with their website design guy, and he said that I post blogs at the worst possible times ever because it's like three in the morning, and that's bad blogging posting time."

This reason this was said wasn't so much because I post blogs at 3 am. It's because I post blogs at 3 am, then go to bed and wake up and check late in the afternoon/early evening, and there's already a slew of comments. It makes it harder for me to dialogue in the comments, which is why I so rarely do. It's not that I don't read the comments or appreciate them - it's that I find it hard to comment back on specific things because there's so many by the time I check it.

But either way - St. Martin's isn't making me post at different times. They aren't even suggesting it. They were just pointing out that it would probably be more effective if I posted them later, and if there's one thing I like, it's being effective.

But don't worry, yo. St. Martin's has gots my back. They haven't "made" me do anything. I've had input on everything that we've done, and I've agreed to it - not out of pressure or fear, but because I think it's the right thing to do.

Also, tomorrow is my birthday. Be prepared for a lengthy blog where I detail all my thoughts on my entire life. Just kidding (maybe).


  1. I commented on the bit of your post about time of day, and also blogged about it ( ) but I can't say I was expecting a dialogue. Right now it is 11 in the morning here in England, and I guess you are still asleep and I lose track of whether it is yesterday or tomorrow in Australia. Blog when you have the inspiration I'd say - the stuff you write will be better than making yourself do it at some statistically relevant time of day. Worse still, you could put your blogs into some software that sends it out at the "dead right" time, but you still won't have a conversation when you read it.
    If you have an international audience, which you clearly do, then time of day means nothing and immediate dialogue is impossible unless you never sleep.
    I'm part way through the third part of Trylle at the moment, so I'll get back to it, unless I'm only allowed to read it at the right time of day. :)

  2. Haha, you still posted at 2am!! :D

    LOVE the placeholder titles for the Trylle trilogy!! I've got them all for Kindle (on my iPhone) but look forward to getting them in my hand and rereading the polished version. ;)

    I don't think people are expecting a dialogue in comments, although it definitely does help to make the number of comments per blog post explode at an exponential rate! Have a good one.

  3. OOoooh! The covers are very cool. Can't wait to see the final ones.

  4. I'll probably post this on your future birthday blog, but Happy Birthday! And good luck with the peer pressure ambush. :D

  5. Have you seen the scene in Sleep With Me, where Quentin Tarantino is talking about Top Gun?

    It's hilarious:

    Happy Birthday if I don't make it back!

  6. Happy early Birthday!! So cool, one of my favorite authors (I am dying for the new installment of My Blood Approves!!) is a cancer just like me!! Your birthday is tomorrow (the 12th) and mine is on the 13th!

    Anyways, as a birthday gift maybe you can give me some info on the new book like when to expect it to come out!? lol!

    Well, I hope you have a great birthday!!

  7. A very happy birthday, Amanda. This should be a good one.

  8. Hmmm. Top Gun is one of those movies that I appreciate simply because it has a lot of pop culture references. However, if Eric doesn't want to watch it then I don't think he should be coerced to do so.

  9. David Bowie has a son? I agree, there has to be talent there. David Bowie is just so awesome!

  10. Happy pre-birthday and nice covers, even if they are just holding place for the time being.

  11. Super lovely blog!


  12. Eric, Watch Top Gun because I am begging you, giving you the pouty face with the big doe eyes and wringing of hands. I am a little old for this, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...

    Amanda, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don't let Eric have any cake if he still refuses. Tell him I said so!

  13. Eric, go watch Top Gun.

    And you need to start lobbying for your step-mom to watch Interview with a Vampire, that movie rocks!

  14. My Birthday is tomorrow as well :) Happy Early B-day!

  15. Hahah this was so interesting to read! And I LOVE TOP GUN! It has action, romance, and just all the basics needed for a good movie! It is an 80s classic and a MUST SEE.

  16. TOP GUN is a fabulous movie. Eric should watch it for your birthday. Then he can pitch a film for you to watch on his birthday. He should also see AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN. I like seeing movie stars when they are young.

  17. Wait, is it your birthday or not? Everyone in the comments seem to think it is going to be, but if it really isn't, they should all be pretty embaressed. And if any of the writers who put in the comments say that I spelled that word up there that starts with an e wrong that I'm not going to try to spell again, too bad. I'm a writer too, you know. I just suck at spelling.

  18. Hey Eric

    May be off topic but am responding to Amanda's request to harrass you about watching TOPGUN. On top of all the reasons Amanda lists here's some other factoids that make it a must see:

    1- Take it from me, I'm a Navy officer who not only saw the film in theatres way back in 1986...I actually went to flight school as a Navy's good stuff!

    2- Am also a film snob and film school graduate, can tell you the cinematography and editing are awesome in themselves.

    3-Tony Scott and gang had unparalleled access to bases, flight lines, carriers and million dollar warplanes..FOR FREE...they just had to pick up the tab for gas. Which was still obscene.

    4-Anthony Edwards, Michael Ironside and Rick Rossovich...all in TOPGUN, all were also together in the same season of ER! Third season I think.

    5-Navy Recruiting, after the movie debuted, hit an all time high not seen since WWII. My brother was one of those new motivated sailors.

    6-As a film geek that follows the trades, development and dealmaking news, I know that a Topgun sequal has been kicked around for about 10 years now, not at all unlike Iron Man was. Tom Cruise has always been against it and no studio ever wanted to go all in w/o him, monumentally expensive to make these days. One of his main objections...a Navy Lieutenant in 1986 would be an ADMIRAL today and, realistically, would have NO PART in any flying action. Plus he still looks WAY to young to play an ADMIRAL. He was a stretch as a lowly Colonel in Valkryie.

    7-Google "The Cutting Edge" a Navy Aviation photography book by CJ "Heater" Heatling, a former pilot. He was hired as a photography consultant for the movie and made a cameo, standing behind Tom in sunglasses and a big 80's 'stache as he gets his orders for the big finale.

    8- As for manly eye candy, the F-14 Tomcat had a co-star, the Kawasaki Ninja 900, Maverick's bike. Before the movie came out most people in America had never seen a Japanese style sport bike due to poor sales here in cruiser/Harley country. Sales skyrocketed and Kawasaki led the sport bike industry for about 10 years afterwards. They were able to fund research and design that led to sport bikes evolving into the suicice machines they are today. Kawasaki actually kept the 80's Ninja 900 design (an antigue by todays standards) available as a "legacy" type bike, untouched up until just recently.

    9- You and Amanda may not remember (I'm 39) but in 1987 TOPGUN had its VHS tape release. At the time VHS rentals were common enough (usually at mom & pop rental stores, pre-blockbuster) but sales were not! You taped movies or you rented them because original VHS movie releases ran around 60-80$ to buy! TOPGUN premiered with a historic Pepsi commercial (first EVER product placement in a home movie release) and they subsidized the cost of the release making it available for a staggering 20$ It was the best selling VHS movies ever, started an industry trend and triggered the costs of VHS releases to plunge, singlehandedly making it affordable for everyone in the late 80's and early 90's to have VHS movie collections.

    10- Finally, one of the absolute greatest, hands down, coolest movie lines ever: "Son, your ego's writing checks your body can't cash!"

  19. I also have some personal connections to bits and pieces of the movie:

    There's a scene where Tom Cruise chases Kelly McGillis into a lady's room, the hallway isn't in the Miramar Officers club as depicted, nor is the ladies's in the HQ of San Diego basic training command at the time. I was there when my brother graduated boot camp. They have a plaque in the hall "TOPGUN filmed here"

    After the movie Kelly McGillis dropped completely off the map, she ended up back east doing independent theatre. I know that because I had a theatre class with a professor that had worked with her. She said Kelly was a crackpot in person but she's still hot in the movie...and remember she's a lesbian too!

    Maverick's (Tom Cruise) F-14 squadron, the Ghostriders, was a real fighter squadron, not made up. My brother ended up there when he went to a carrier. 14 years later I'm all grown up and a Navy flight student doing a cross country with a Marine instructor (we all train together in school) and we visited his parents house in GA. They had a picture of their older son, former Navy pilot, and an F-14 desk model with the Ghostrider emblem. He was in the same squadron as my brother around the same time. I called my brother and asked if he knew so and so from way back when on the carrier...he did! And there I was visiting the house he grew up in in.

    About 2/3 of the way through the movie a "protagonist complication" will arise caused by a flat spin in Mavericks F-14. A result of excessive 'yaw effect' when one engine fails and the other is at a high power setting, note: the engines are wide apart and not side by side like other twin engine fighters. This is a very real phenomenon for that plane. I know. I saw one in person. Google the Willow Grove, PA air show crash in 2000. I was standing in the crowd. I actually took a picture of the two pilots walking on the plane about a half hour before they took off, crashed and died. Creepy as hell when I got it developed.

    So he needs to go watch TOPGUN, awesome stuff.

    BTW Amanda...I'm a big fan of your success story, aspiring Kindle writer here, best of luck in the future.

  20. Ha. I just texted my boyfriend to cancel breakfast plans cause I stayed up til three reading Hollowland. ( can't wait for the sequel by the way) I was wondering if you knew when virtue would be up on iTunes? Or if it would be At all? :)

  21. Those placeholder covers are BEAUTIFUL! How amazing is that? Can't wait to see the finished ones.

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA! It seems that the least Eric could do is watch Top Gun with you for your birthday...

    B/S, TG is a great film. I'm a sucker for "second chance" movies or stories - my Forever Series proves that. But I also love that the action in Top Gun propels the friendship between Maverick and Goose. All right Eric, who could resist a movie with a pilot called Goose?

    Love your covers! I think it's a big complement to you that the publisher is using your general color scheme/ or graphic scheme. It's like calling in an interior decorator who only rearranges the furniture b/c you'd done such a good job on your own.

    Hope you have a great birthday --

  23. Oh no! You said that movie ... I can't stop myself ... Flash! Ahhhh ahhhh!He'll save everyone of us!

  24. Happy Birthday Amanda! Hope it's great.

  25. Hey, wait a minute! You forgot one of the best actors in that movie (and you call yourself a Princess Bride fan, lol). Cary Elwes, aka Wesley in The Princess Bride and 'Robin Hood' in Robin Hood Men in Tights, is my future hubby (he just doesn't know it yet). ;)

    Also, happy birthday! Hope you have a terrific day today. :)

  26. Happy Birthday, writer-girl! I dropped by Eric's blog and applied the recommended peer pressure... though I'm sure your buddy Eric has no peers! :)

    Well, actually I just did that on Top Gun. I've never seen Moon, either, so I'm not going to tell him to watch something I haven't seen myself...

  27. Coming soon to a theater near you...

    Amanda Hocking IS...


    (A Disney/Marvel Films movie...)

  28. Princess bride is an awesome film, and one of my all time favourites, but making him watch topgun?
    Pure torture.

  29. The interesting thing about the feud you mention between Kilmer and Cruise is that Kilmer is so intense, he really gets into his roles. It's reported that he refused to play in a charity volleyball game and they got into a fist fight. But, Kilmer has merged into his roles like that in the past. I mean, you don't want to make Brando mad, but he managed to do just that on the set of "The Island of Dr. Moreau." But, that's Kilmer!

  30. I didn't read all the comments, so maybe someone has mentioned this already.

    Amanda, you can schedule your posts to publish at whatever time you want.

    In the old blogger interface, that option is under the post writing window.

    If you're using draft.blogger, that option is broken out on the right sidebar under a tab called "schedule". Those Google guys are so clever ;)

  31. Back when Top Gun first came out, I liked it but I was also a teenager then. I watched it a few years ago and was like: "I can't believe I thought this movie was good." It is so 80s. =o)

    Btw, are you and Eric going to do another video log? I hope so. The last one you did was so funny!

  32. Top Gun is definitely worth the watch. It is absolutely 80's but you get to see a lot of pretty people play volleyball without their shirts on. I rest my case.

    Also, fun fact: I live in Oceanside, Ca. The location of the "Top Gun House" ie Kelly McGillis' little blue bungalow from the movie.

  33. I wish I had a fanbase so I could use it to pressure my friends into doing things they did not want to do.

  34. "I wish I had a fanbase so I could use it to pressure my friends into doing things they did not want to do."


  35. Watch top gun Eric! Kiss me now or lose me forever- as my parents always say

  36. This is neither here nor there, but the boots you're wearing in the Austin Daily Herald article are incredible. Where can I get them? :)

  37. Eric, please just go watch the film. Amanda wants you to.

    And for now ... "No More Words"!
    I'm off to download me some Berlin!

  38. Well, thanks for the heads up on not replying to my post. :)

    Someone refusing to watch Top Gun, is like someone refusing to watch Star Wars. BTW, can I just say I have a friend who proudly, yes PROUDLY refuses to watch Star Wars??? Not the horrible new ones with the good CG, but the cool, old school ones, with Mark Hamil's messed up face. Crazy.

  39. No blog in nine days! You're killing us.

  40. My favorite sandwich is cheese noodles.

  41. Amanda Hocking - - - where are you ?

  42. I agree with the above mentioned .I just tried out as you suggested and it works great Thank you so much.