Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Won't Eric Goldman Watch Top Gun?

This is the question on everyone's minds. Or it should be. Because I have been trying, without success, for several years to get Eric to watch it. I think it's important that he see it so can really appreciate what it means when I ask him to be my wingman.

The thing that frustrates me the most is I only suggest movies for Eric to watch that I think he'll enjoy. And he watches them, then enjoys them. (Remember, Beaches, Eric? Or how about Hello Dolly? And Princess Bride?! Or Clue? Flash Gordon? Heathers? Huh?! I know you better than you know yourself!) But for some reason, he's been refusing to watch the following movies: Top Gun and Moon.

Like me, Eric is a big fan of Sam Rockwell. Also like me, Eric is a big fan of things that are well done. Since Moon is both of these things, I can't imagine why he wouldn't like it. I've also recently learned the director of Moon is David Bowie's son. That means that he come from the loins that we've seen in Labyrinth. It is assuredly awesome.

Is Top Gun the greatest movie to come out of the 80s? No. It's not. But I never said it was. But it is good. Plus, Val Kilmer & Tom Cruise hate each other in real life, and they're hatred for each other is palpable on screen. That's fun to watch. Also, I recently learned that Kelly McGillis is a lesbian, and Eric tends to enjoy lesbians, so that should work in his favor. And the song "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin is played no less than 10,000 times through out the film.

If there's one thing you should know about my step-mom it's that she really likes Tom Cruise. And she really liked Top Gun. I think I watched it with her like 4 times. And I liked it every time. I also watched Far and Away, and I liked that. Something I never watched with her: Interview with the Vampire. She's afraid of vampires. So that's something else you should know about her.

Anyway. The point is that all my pestering is for naught. Eric refuses to watch Top Gun or Moon.

So I'm sending it out to you. Fans of either Top Gun or Moon, convince Eric why he should watch those films. If there's one thing you should know about Eric Goldman, it's that he's a sucker for peer pressure.

Here are some places that you can harrass him at:

This is Eric's blog:
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Also, the placeholder covers for my books are up at St. Martin's Press website. These are not the actual covers. Just the placeholder ones that show hints of the actual ones. And they are pretty. You can check them out: here.

And as per some minor, misplaced outrage at something I said in my last post. I said this: "One time, a month ago or so, I had dinner with my publisher and editor, and it went really well. But my publisher had talked with their website design guy, and he said that I post blogs at the worst possible times ever because it's like three in the morning, and that's bad blogging posting time."

This reason this was said wasn't so much because I post blogs at 3 am. It's because I post blogs at 3 am, then go to bed and wake up and check late in the afternoon/early evening, and there's already a slew of comments. It makes it harder for me to dialogue in the comments, which is why I so rarely do. It's not that I don't read the comments or appreciate them - it's that I find it hard to comment back on specific things because there's so many by the time I check it.

But either way - St. Martin's isn't making me post at different times. They aren't even suggesting it. They were just pointing out that it would probably be more effective if I posted them later, and if there's one thing I like, it's being effective.

But don't worry, yo. St. Martin's has gots my back. They haven't "made" me do anything. I've had input on everything that we've done, and I've agreed to it - not out of pressure or fear, but because I think it's the right thing to do.

Also, tomorrow is my birthday. Be prepared for a lengthy blog where I detail all my thoughts on my entire life. Just kidding (maybe).