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Monday, September 26, 2011

Extra Fun Stuff

I do have some extra fun stuff that I get to tell you. The first one is: Nike MAG. The second one is: book cover.

So let's start with the Nike MAG. As you may know, in the hit film Back to the Future II (a film I am mildly obsessed with), Marty McFly wears a pair of super awesome Nike MAGs in the year 2015. Well, this year, Nike actually made 1,510 pairs and auctioned them off on eBay with all the proceeds going to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation

Here's a video about it:

I was fortunate enough to get a pair, and they arrived in the mail today! I couldn't be more excited! Thank you to Nike and Michael J. Fox for doing this! :)

Here just a few of the 800 pictures I took of them:

The rad label that was on the box it shipped in.

The shoebox.

The shoes!
Nike MAG!

The Nike MAG with my Back to the Future II  Delorean. (I had the Delorean prior to getting the shoes. It did not come with it)

Onto the second part of the good news. I got the go ahead to announce who's doing the book covers for my upcoming book Wake (coming Fall 2012 with St. Martin's). It's James Porto!

For those of you unfamiliar with him, he's an amazing photographer, and he honestly is my favorite photographer ever. I've been in love with his work since I was sixteen.

Here is the very first picture I saw of his. I actually tore out of an artbook in high school (sorry, Mr. Loeschen), because I loved the picture so much. This was eleven years ago, and I still have the picture, because I think it's so amazing.

And of course, James Porto did the cover for Hush, Hush, which is really luscious.

He doesn't only do winged people, though, which is good because the cover for Wake has no wings and the book contains no angels. I've seen the preliminary shots for the cover, and they are BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to see what they look when he's finished, and I definitely can't wait until I can show you guys.


  1. I'm just a little bit envious of you, Amanda. lol I love the BTTF movies and the shoes are so AWESOME! :-)

    Are you going to wear them do you think or will you just keep them as a collectable?

    Either way, enjoy!

    All My Best,

  2. Yeah! I love his work too :P Congrats on the publishing!!! You deserve it!

  3. His work looks amazing!! Can't wait to see the cover for Wake.

  4. I can't wait to see the cover for Wake. I bought Hush Hush because of its cover. :-)

  5. Every time I watch the the Michael J. Fox video I cry like a baby. Every. Single. Time. Perhaps I am still really young and naive, but I always wonder why bad things always seem to happen to the good guys in this world...and Michael J. Fox is one of the best.

  6. I thought they were going to rename the shoe to the McFly or something. Anyway, that book cover is awesome!

  7. Hey Amanda! Just wondering, how much did you pay for those? Also have you put your feet in them yet?

  8. That's wonderful you were able to show support to a deserving cause while getting something you totally adore.

    I am not familiar with this photographer but the pic and Hush, Hush book cover look really nice. Can't wait till you get to show off your new cover for Wake.

  9. Just FYI- Nike MAG's are only cool if you WEAR them. Congrats on the purchase and well done on the photographer.

  10. Wow - super cool shoes :) And super awesome news about your WAKE book cover. Can't wait to see it.

  11. Nice shoes!! And I'm oh-so-glad James Porto is doing the book cover!! I read Hush Hush, and I really liked the cover on it. Can't wait to see the book cover for Wake!! xD

  12. I await with baited breath to see the cover for Wake. I Love, Love Porto.

    A bit of trivia for Hush, Hush photography ~ the model is my insurance agent's son. She was selling copies of the book from her office here in CT. She was so proud. Her first name is Fatima ~ How saintly is that!

    Grats ~ Mia

  13. The shoes seriously rock! They look amazing. I love that NIKE did that. Or should I say...Just did it.

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