Friday, December 23, 2011

New Website, More Info, & Happy Holidays!

Happy Christmas Adam, to those who celebrate this semi-nonexistent holiday. (It's Adam, cause Adam came before Eve.)

I'm only posting real quick, because then I have to be off to finish planning for the first of four holiday extravaganzas that I'm celebrating. But I wanted to tell you a couple of awesome things.

The first is this fancy new website is up - And it's fabulous. Other people who aren't me even think so.

One of my favorite things on the new site is Elora's Gallery. The paintings that Elora make in Switched and Torn are re-created here. There's three up now, but there's even more to come!

Other extra rad things include: the Changeling Quiz (see if you're a changeling), the Five Tribes (definitions of the five major troll tribes), and Videos (links to all kinds of videos about me and the books).

There's actually way more than that, and there's more content coming in the future, including the Castle Floorplan. So you should totes check it out, but only if you like checking out awesome things.

Also, I've updated all the pre-order information on the Trylle Trilogy to include links to the iBookstore. I also have a widget at the top, if you enjoy buying things through iBooks, as many of you do.

And, just throwing this out there - people are like, "Hey are the Trylle books going to be movies? I'd love to see them as movies! Please make them movies!" So far, I've done everything I can to get these into movies. The rest is actually up to you guys.

The best way to help ensure a movie is to sell a ton of books. Studios like numbers, and if the Trylle books are selling like hotcakes, they'll feel way more comfortable greenlighting the project. So, if you want to see these books as movies, I strongly encourage to buy them and tell other people to buy them. But if you don't want to, that's cool too. I understand. But I'm just keeping you in the loop.

Anyhoo, I should get back to preparing for the festivities! And if I don't talk to you before Christmas (which *fingers crossed* I won't, and I'll actually manage to stay off the interwebs for that long) -

Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!