Monday, February 13, 2012

Hearts & War

I like Valentine's Day. I don't understand why people hate it. Of the 27 years that I've been alive on this planet, I've had a boyfriend on exactly 2 Valentine's Days, and I still love it.

Part of that may be because I live in Minnesota, and by the time February 14th rolls around, I'm sick of being cold and depressed and it's always dark and I look for an excuse to buy flowers and look at pink hearts. I'm also not adverse to rom-coms.

I should confess that I rarely spend Valentine's alone, even though I don't have a boyfriend. And spending Valentine's with your friends is about ten billion times spending it with boyfriends. Friends are fun and silly and don't care that you want to go see This Means War almost entirely because you like looking at Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. Friends also don't judge if you eat a entire box of chocolate by yourself or if you put on sweatpants when you get home instead of a thong. (In fact, my friends probably prefer if I put on sweatpants instead of a thong.)

To me Valentine's Day is a day to have fun and act girlie and remind the people that you care about that you do in fact care about them. Nothing about that sounds depressing to me. It just sounds like a good time.

P. S. I am actually going to see This Means War tomorrow with a few of my pals. Expect some type of review on this tomorrow or the next day, because man, do I dig Tom Hardy.