Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Stuff on Torn, but Mostly Me Rambling About Other Stuff

I need to join some kind of Southland group. Because I'm crazy about that show, and nobody else I know is watching it. And last night's episode was stupendous. But when I say things like, "Oh my god, how amazing was Michael Cudlitz last night? John Cooper is the best!" or "Wow. Shawn Hatosy has been working out," nobody knows what I'm talking about. I also want to talk about the Ben Sherman story arc because I'm not sure how I feel about it.

These are the things I want to talk about, but nobody wants to talk about them with me. Which makes me sad.

In other news - the first four chapters of Torn, the second book in the Trylle Trilogy, is up now for you to read at the Trylle Series Facebook page. Here's the link to the page, if you want to like: And here's the link to read the chapters: here. Torn will be out in just under two weeks, which seems strange to me, but it's also exciting.

I did go see This Means War last night, and I enjoyed it. It was exactly what I thought it would be, which was pleasing to me. And Tom Hardy is probably the fifth most fantastic person that has ever lived.

The one issue that I had with the film: Chris Pine's name was FDR. And nobody ever addressed that. Not even Chelsea Handler, who was delivering wonderful one-liners the whole film. Reese Witherspoon said, "I'm dating this guy named FDR." And Chelsea Handler didn't say anything like, "What? FDR? The 32nd President of the United States? Also, isn't that like a bridge or tunnel or highway somewhere? Were his parents big fans of the Roosevelts? Is he a Roosevelt? I don't understand."

Then later, they referred to Chris Pine as Agent Foster, so I'm to assume him that his name is FDR Foster. And Tom Hardy's kid refers to Chris Pine as "Uncle Frank." So is his name Franklin Delano Roosevelt Foster? That's an absurd name. Well, it's not, but it's a strange thing to name somebody without ever referencing it.

And when Reese Witherspoon was visiting his family, that would've been a great time for her to be all, "Hey, why is he named FDR? Was he born on President's day?"

Also, when she's getting all romantical with Chris Pine, what is she whispering in his ear? "Oooo FDR?" That's doesn't seem right. Something about calling a person by initials doesn't seem intimate.

Anyway, aside from that, it was an enjoyable film. I laughed many a time. Tom Hardy and Chris Pine had excellent chemistry. In fact, they should've ended up together, because they were clearly in love with each other. Between the characters played by Tom Hardy & Chris Pine, they each told Reese they loved her exactly once. But they told each other that they loved each other about ten billion times.

Early in the film, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine were having a conversation where Tom literally says, "You love me. You'd do anything for me. You'd take a bullet for me, and I feel the same for you." To which Chris Pine says, "Yes, of course." And Tom says, "Could you ever imagine transferring those feelings, and feeling that same kind of thing with a woman?" Which Chris Pine honestly replies, "No. Never."

That's basically an admission of homosexuality, isn't it? I mean, Chris Pine never explicitly says, "I want to have sex with you Tom Hardy, whose character's name is Tuck, which is much more normal compared to my never explained initials." But it's implied. Throughout the entire film.

Oh well. I know that they really love each other, and that's what matters to me.