Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Dog is a Jerk

I have a dog, whom I love very much. He's a schnauzer, and he's four-years-old. His name is Elroy Supradaze Bartokomous. This is what he looks like:

This is Elroy getting along with my cat Squeak

The problem with Elroy is that he's a jerk. I mean, he's good with people, my two cats, and my mom's dogs, but he's very aggressive with everything else. My friend Valerie is staying with us, and she has to keep her cat separate from Elroy because he wants to attack and eat it.

About eight months ago, Eric and I looked into getting another dog. We found a four-month-old terrier at a shelter that we really liked, so we took Elroy to meet the dog. The meeting did not go well. Elroy was very mean.

This is Elroy cuddling with a stuffed possum
But the thing is, I still want another dog. I feel bad that we don't have another dog. There's tons of dogs in shelters, and we have a fenced in yard, the time, the space, and the money to have at least one more dog. The only thing standing in our way is Elroy's attitude.

But even if I didn't want another dog, I don't like Elroy's aggressive nature. I'm afraid that it might get worse as he gets older, and even if it doesn't, I don't want him attacking other dogs or animals. That's just not nice.

I've gotten books and read up on some things about how to deal with bad behavior in dogs, but really, I'm at a loss. Does anybody know how to stop him from being so aggressive? Or any good obedience training type things in Southern Minnesota?