Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ascend has... Ascended!

If you live North America, you'll notice that Ascend has arrived today! (For UK, Australia, South Africa, India, and Asia - it'll be out on the 26th, sorry for the wait, but it'll be there soon!) The trilogy is wrapped up.

So far, the early reviews I've gotten from the St. Martin's edition of Ascend have been really positive. And I am so stoked that you guys finally get to read it. Ever since Switched came out, I've really been like, "I can't wait for people to read this. Hurry up, April!" And here it is!
So it's an awesome sandwich all around.

It's early yet, so the good people at St. Martin's who unroll stuff aren't at work unrolling things yet, but I believe they do have some things lined up at the Facebook pages today. From what I understand, there should be new trailers, and also some talk about Wake.

I don't know. I don't currently have that much that's exciting to say. Other than, you know, yay! I've been up all night writing, so  I'll probably be going to bed here soon.

It's sorta nuts, if I'm being honest with you, because I am really excited about Ascend, and I really can't wait to hear what you guys think of it, especially the bonus short story, "Ever After." I really want to talk about that and the Trylle.

But on the other hand, I've been in a pretty intense writing binge working on Tidal, the third book in the Watersong series, and it's going AMAZINGLY. I haven't been this in love with writing a book in a while. Probably, Ascend, actually, was the last book that I loved writing this much. It's all ... smooth and awesome, and I can't wait to get to the last book, which is going to blow the socks of everything I've ever written before. I don't say that about every book, because I don't think every book is the greatest book I've ever written. But Elegy will be. Mark my words.

So part of me really, really wants to talk about Ascend. Which is probably my favorite book I've written up until this point. Honestly. I LOVE Ascend. The other part of me really, really, really wants to talk about Tidal, but I can't, because none of the things I would say about it would make sense since you haven't read the first book. But you guys, try to remember this for later: The stuff going down with Daniel is INSANE.

But back to the book that's actually out today. If you buy Ascend today, either in paperback or ebook or even audio book, and you take an fun/interesting/unique photo of yourself and/or the book, I will post them in a blog. I might even give away some autographed books.

(Side note: I've been listening to more audio books lately, and I'm totally giving my characters more accents because they make audio books so much fun.)

I'd love to hear reviews and NON-SPOILER comments. I can't emphasize that enough. People can't unread things, folks. Feel free to speak your mind as long as nothing is given away or at least  include *SPOILER ALERT* in the comments. I will delete spoiler-y comments, even if they're nice, out of respect for people that don't want to read spoilers.

I've used a lot of caps in this post. So I should probably go to bed.

Oh, also feel free to tweet me pics or post them on the Facebooks. (There's a couple now: www.facebook.com/amandahockingtrylle and www.facebook.com/worldofamandahocking) Both of them have new content and trivia and all sorts of fun things going on. And there should be new stuff for Wake rolling out soon. And don't forget to check my website: www.worldofamandahocking.com because there might be stuff there, too.

And if you have reviews or any other fun stuff going with Ascend or any of the Trylle books, tweet me, email me (hockingbooks@hotmail.com), Facebook it, comment it, whatever. I'll be RTing and posting fun stuff about the book.

Know why? Because it's out today! I really loved writing this book, and I loved editing it, and I loved doing the bonus stories. If you guys enjoy it even half as much as I enjoyed writing it, then we're golden.

Have fun today, folks! It's a good day!