Sunday, April 22, 2012

something about a train ride, Germany, & a missing ring

Ascend is coming out on Tuesday, and I should probably be talking about that. But I'll talk about it more on Tuesday, because that makes sense. I should also have some other fun news regarding Wake on Tuesday.

Instead I am going to talk about the fact that I have the most awesome dreams ever. And I know, people always think they're dreams are awesome, but they're wrong, because my dreams hold that title.

They can be annoying, too. Like a few weeks ago I had this really bizarre, really vivid dream that I was riding on a train with Ryan Gosling (I'm pretty sure it was in Chicago), and we got in a really big fight because I wouldn't stop talking about Drive, and now every time I see Ryan Gosling I feel vaguely afraid of him, like I'm a battered spouse and he actually beat the crap out of me.

Sometimes I can't tell the difference between my dreams and real life, which is obnoxious. This is also amplified by the fact that I sleep a lot. So if you added it all up, my life is probably equal amounts being awake and equal amounts dreaming. Or close to it, since I'm not dreaming every second I'm asleep.

But despite the fact that my dreams are completely awesome, I've never used one as the basis for a novel. (However, often times, the dreams I write into books are ones I've had in real life.) I know some authors say that they do. They say ideas came to them in a dream. That's never happened to me.

Last night, I had a dream that was vivid and long and somewhat elaborate. I don't remember all of it anymore. But it had something to do with a train ride (think more Harry Potter, less L-train), and Charlie Hunnam, and Germany, and a really pretty cottage in the snow, and a missing ring. Look, it doesn't sound that great when I just list things that were in it, but I enjoyed it. And that's what counts.

So today, I woke up with the determination to somehow turn it into a novel. So when people ask, "Where did you get your ideas?" or "What's the inspiration for the novel?" I can be all, "It came to me in a dream!"

I actually can break it down to where it came from, though. I watched Daniel Radcliffe on SNL, which had me thinking about Harry Potter. I watched an episode of X-Files where they spoke Norwegian, and I was thinking about how I wanted to learn German. I forgot to wear my Batman ring yesterday. It was cold in my room, which had me thinking of snow and winter. And I think that Charlie Hunnam is the most attractive person that has ever lived (not so much in Sons of Anarchy or Cold Mountain, but in Undeclared and Abandon).

So those would really be my inspirations for this alleged novel I'm working on. But I don't care. I'm going to somehow turn these fragmented ideas into a novel. You'll see. Maybe.