Monday, April 16, 2012

Things I've Done Today That Weren't Writing

  • Slept.
  • Changed the light bulbs in my bathroom.
  • Used Shazam to discover what that song is that I really like on that commercial (Alex Clare - "Too Close").

  • Opened boxes from agent and found foreign books, so I tried to translate Switched back into English from Portuguese (Trocada), even though I already know what the book said because I wrote it (the English version, anyway).
  • Pre-ordered Motion City Soundtrack's new album Go on vinyl.
  • Watched Judge Judy.
  • Decided that even though I believe that Pearl Jam's album Ten is one of the greatest albums of all time, my favorite song performed by Eddie Vedder is "Hard Sun."
  • Told my cat she was my favorite thing ever.
  • Told my cat she was my least favorite thing ever a few minutes later when she refused to sit with my anymore.
  • Looked at pictures of Angelina Jolie's ring on the internet and thought it sounded really silly to me that they were calling her "newly engaged." I know she is, but she's been with the father of her six children for seven years. It's actually not that big of a deal to anyone but them and their family.
  • Added more staples to my stapler.
  • Went on Wikipedia to see who invented the stapler. (Wikipedia says that George McGill was the first to patent it, but apparently, somebody made one for King Louis XV in the 18th century.)
  • Ate Taco Johns for supper after being shorted a burrito. 
  • Tried to find out what The Jim Henson Company owns since they don't own the Muppets or Seasame Street anymore. (According to, they work on a number of original children's programming, including my favorites Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train, as well as some new "adult" themed programming under Henson Alternative, and they have the Creature Shop, which makes creatures and special effects for movies and television. They also still own the rights to Fraggles, Labyrinth, and Dark Crystal.)
  • Practiced my puppetering skills trying to make my muppet, Lemmy, talk to my dog. My dog tried to shake with him, so I'm counting it as a semi-success.  
  • Spent a great deal of time trying to figure out if the slippers I put on my feet are in fact my slippers or my friend Valerie's who is staying with me. Eventually, I decided that they're probably mine, and even if they're not, Val probably won't want them back after my feet have been in them.
  • Googled "how to get my Twitter account verified."
  • Thought about how I need to file my nails but did not actually file my nails.
  • Tried to make the lights in my office stop flickering and failed horribly. I am beginning to believe that my office is haunted.
  • Wrote this list of things I did instead of writing.

Now I'm going to unplug the internet and hopefully get to working. And that's how I write a book.