Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 16, 1990

On May 16, 1990, Jim Henson died. It's been twenty-two years, and it's still very sad.

Without a doubt, I would not be who I am or have accomplished what I have without him. Aside from my family that raised me, no single person has done more to shape me than Jim Henson. His work ethic, his creativity, his generosity, and his zest for life and silliness continue to inspire me to try become a better person every day.

While writing Ascend, the third book in the Trylle series, I listened to this song from Labyrinth on repeat over and over again:

Jim Henson remains my inspiration and my hero, and I'm sure that I'll miss him as much today as I will in twenty-two years.

In Memoriam
Jim Henson
September 24, 1936 - May 16, 1990