Thursday, July 26, 2012

Show & Tell Thursday - Bookmarks

While planning for Under the Seapalooza, I was trying to come up with some fun ideas for things to and asked for input. Nikki Jefford (author of Entangled and the awesome guest post & giveaway, which you should check out: here) came up with the idea for weekly "Show & Tell" memes.

Here's how it works:

Unlike ongoing meme’s, this one is temporary - every Thursday throughout the month of Under the Seapalooza. Each week, I'll show off my favorite something (this week it's bookmarks), then you show off your favorite thing and enter to win a prize.

This is the schedule for Show & Tell Thursdays:
July 25th - Bookmarks
August 2nd - eReader Skins
August 9th - Journals
August 16th - Book Trailers

While I do read a lot on eReaders now, I also enjoy reading the old fashioned paperbacks, too. Lots of times I end up using Post-It notes as bookmarks because that's what I have handy.

I do love Post-It notes. I don't actually know why this Post-It is in the book. I've finished reading it, but it was sitting on my shelf with a bookmark stuck in it.
 But I'll use anything that fits comfortably between two pages. Even trading cards.
This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trading card marks my favorite section in Knightfall.
I'll even use stickers. Assuming they have protective backing still on, so they don't get stuck and ruin the pages to the book.
Blink 182 sticker marking a spot in the UK ARC of Wake. Full disclosure: I actually do use stickers as a bookmarks, but I wasn't in this case. I just wanted a reason to show off the pretty UK cover.

So what about you? What do you use? Share your bookmark collection and WIN more. Do you have a fancy bookmark? A scrap of paper?

If you're like me and use any random thing you find, then you're in luck. Because I'm giving away some pretty fantastic bookmarks. One lucky winner will win this bundle:

10 Luscious Handmade Bookmarks

1 Fantastic Mermaid Bookmark
Plus a bookmark from Nikki Jefford, and one from me (which I don't currently have pictures of). All Show & Tell Giveaways will run until the end of Under Seapalooza (August 25th). It's open to the US & Canada only, sorry.

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Thanks again to Nikki Jefford for coming up with such a fun idea!