Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bloggy Blog Title

When did writing blogs become so hard? I think it was when I became aware that people were actually reading them. Pro-tip: Writing is much easier when you don't think anybody will ever see what you write. Words just comes out, and who cares what they say as long as they were fun to make?

Anyway, before I forget, all the winners for the Under the Seapalooza have been chosen, and emails have been sent out to notify the winners. So please check your emails. We've sent out some of the prizes, but some we're still in the process of getting together, and there's several that we haven't heard back from the winners yet. Ideally, I'd like to have everything out by the end of the week, so I need the addresses to make that happen.

Now back onto what will most likely be a slightly rambling post, but I don't care.

Oh! Good news! The first chapter for Lullaby is up now. It is a bit spoiler-y if you haven't read Wake yet, but if you have, there's a link for the excerpt: here. And just as a reminder, Lullaby will be out November 27, 2012.

I haven't blogged about The Dark Knight Rises yet, but I will. Just not right now. I feel like I should a little more focused on topics like myself and books and what not.

So the book tour was fun. It was neat meeting people, but I need to work on some kind of witty tag to sign books with. Right now, it's usually, "Thanks" or "Thank you," and while neither of those are bad, they're not that much fun.

Today is my first official day back to "work." After the tour, I took a week off to reorient myself with real life. And also catch up on sleep. Mostly sleep.

I just accidentally took a drink form a can of Red Bull that had to bee sitting on my desk for a month, at least. And it smelled like nail polish remover. And my office is infested with spiders, so there's probably a dead spider floating around in it somewhere. I'm going to die soon.

That seems like a good place to end the blog. With my death imminent. So with that, I will bid you all good day.