Saturday, September 29, 2012

RIP Figaro & Delaney

Sometimes my worst fears come true. Like that time that I had a nightmare that Inception didn't come with audio commentary by Christopher Nolan, and then when it came out, it didn't have audio commentary. (The dream entailed me looking at the DVD, becoming enraged, putting it in, and then scrolling the Special Features menu and swearing with a Hans Zimmer playing.)

One thing I have legitimately been afraid is cleaning a fish tank. Not because it's scary, but because one time, my friend had these goldfish named Kyle & Steve, and I liked them a lot. She had them for a couple years, and then the last time she cleaned their fish tank, they got really sick and died. And every since then, I've been terrified of owning fish, because they're tricky and they can die if the water is the wrong tempature or has too much chlorine or the pH is off or just something is off and you don't even know what it is, and then you can't do anything.

But I got goldfish in May of last year, because I really like goldfish. Their names were Figaro & Delaney.

Here's a video I made the day I got them:

They ended moving into a different tank shortly after that, because that one was too small. But they quickly outgrew the second tank too, and then they moved into their third tank about six months ago.

On Thursday, I cleaned their tank. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I definitely did something, because within an hour they were both acting funny. I tried many different things to save them, but they both died with 12 hours of me cleaning the tank.

So RIP Delaney & Figaro. You were very cute, and I enjoyed your company, and how excited you got when I fed you.