Monday, February 18, 2013

A Few Things

Hey if you haven't checked out the Valentine's Day Giveaway, you ought to, because it ends soon, and I'm giving away ARCs of Tidal.

So I'm trying to blog more, just for funsies, and keep you updated on all the excitement that is my life.

Here's a tidbit of the excitement that is my life:

I have to wear my glasses today, as opposed to my contacts because my eye is bugging me. Now the whole world looks slightly farther away that it normally does.

I've been reading The Sandman, and the volume I finished the other day was about Midsummer Night's Dream, which makes me want to see it again. I enjoy the movie, and although it has Sam Rockwell, Christian Bale, and Kevin Kline - three of my all-time favorite actors - it's just not the same on film as it is in person. I told Eric that I want to start a theater company, and just put that play on every weekend, so I can watch it all the time, and Eric said that would probably lose a lot of money.

This song has been playing almost nonstop over the past weekend:

The music video for Cobra Starship's song "#1Nite" is missing from my phone and iTunes, and I can't rebuy it, and I spent a great deal of time this weekend trying to discover what happened to it. I eventually just downloaded it from the interwebs, but it caused me great pain to do this. I feel kinda okay about, though, because I actually did already pay for the video, and it just got stolen from me somehow.

I've been working on a new book, which excites me greatly, but I won't say anymore about it until I know if/when/where it will be published. But work has been fun lately, and that's good. Some days are less fun than others, so it's good when days are more fun.

Kiersten White's new book Mind Games is coming out tomorrow. I'm excited to get it, and I'm going to try to hold off and read it this weekend as a treat for myself for getting my allotted amount of writing/working out done. But we'll see if can hold out.

Oh, I also got  a movie called Frankenstein Unbound, which I'd never heard of but it has Raul Julia and Michael Hutchence in it. I'm super psyched it watch it tonight. It also has Jason Patric, and I'll find that a bit confusing, since Jason Patric has always reminded me of Michael Hutchence. Though Michael Hutchence is much foxier and also Australian. And if I have a dream guy, it would be an Australian musician. Or an Australian anything. Or maybe a British or South African guy. Yeah. Any of those.

And I listen to far too much INXS. Well, not too much, but an awful lot.