Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hey, I Want to Read a Book

Someone on Twitter asked me why I don't talk about what I'm reading much.

There are a couple reasons for it. One is because when I'm reading, I'm not on Twitter. When I watch TV, I am on Twitter, hence the amount of tweets about what I'm watching. Writing, sleeping, reading - no twitter. Watching TV, waiting in line, researching - lots of twitter.

The other reason is that I feel weird about talking about the books I read, especially the YA ones. I can't explain it, but I'm always afraid that me saying, "Hey, I like this book" will suddenly downgrade the book and make people less likely to buy it or want to read it. True story.

I guess what I just said that is that I think everyone thinks I suck, and by me saying I like it, they will also think it sucks.

This doesn't hold true for TV or movies, becuase I don't write them. If I did write for television or movies, I probably would never recommend them either. I'm basically saying that I think you all think I'm a terrible author, and I don't want to taint good books with my terrible authorness.

Oh, the neurosis of me. It's such a constant thrill.

But anyway. I'm trying to make a point of talking about what I read. Because I do read. A lot. And many of the things I read, I think other people will enjoy too.

So here are some books I've read lately:
- The Sandman by Neil Gaiman - Still working my way through it. I love it so much but I'm breaking it up, reading different books in between. I'm up to volume 6 so far.
-Mind Games by Kiersten White - I was excited about this one, rightfully so, and James would be very good friends with Loki (if there were ever some kind of Trylle/Mind Games crossover, which there won't be)
-Because I Said So by Ken Jennings - I love Ken Jennings, and I love random facts. So this book pleased me very much.
-Aquaman Vol. 1: The Trench (The New 52) - My friend Matt laughed when I told him I was reading this, but you know what? It was good. So there, Matt.
-Fated by Alyson Noel - I didn't realize the second book Echo is already out, so I ordered that one, but I haven't got it yet, but the sooner it gets here, the better.
-The Casteel Saga by VC Andrews - I don't know why. I don't know why at all. I started reading it, and then, it was like a compulsion, and I had to finish the series. I don't know why.
-Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King - I actually read this years ago, lost my copy (somewhere in all the moving after my parents' divorce, along with so many of my other books, records, and action figures). It holds up well, though. I don't even like werewolves, but this is good stuff.

But I'm actually looking for book suggestions. What I'd really like to read is a stand alone YA horror/paranormal romance. I love series, I read a lot of series, I write a lot of series, but I'm just in the mood for a stand alone or two, and I'm actually having a hard time finding any that appeal to me.

I'm fine with people dying, but I don't want it to be super sad. (Ever since I totally bawled while reading Where the Red Fern Grows, I've sworn of super sad books. Although, I inexplicably cried a lot when I read Salem's Lot. But I don't know why.)

I'm also interested in reading a western, again preferably YA, and if there were elements of paranormal or horror or sci-fi, that would be a huge plus.

Also any YA books from the 80s would be awesome. Especially horror or paranormal or even just straight up romance. I just bought a whole stack of Fear Street books, and I'm super psyched to dive into them.

Right now: I'm about to go read Damned by Chuck Palahniuk, even though it's been on my shelf for ages. I kept forgetting it existed apparently, but now I've remembered and I will read it. So if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them.