Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Movie News!

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw the link I posted yesterday, but in case you missed it, here it is: Terri Tatchell Aims to Make the Trylle Novels Her Next Movie Project.

You should read the whole article for all the details. But here's the breakdown:

In early 2011, Terri Tatchell (the co-writer for District 9) approached me about adapting the books for a movie, and I told her yes. As a fan of her movie, I was especially excited about her working on it.
She contacted Media Rights Capital, and they bought the rights to all three books in the trilogy. (Here is the article in the NY Times talking about the deal: here.)

In my emails with Terri, I feel like she's the absolute best person to adapt it, and she understands my vision for the series. She's far more brilliant than I am. I sold my rights to MRC because I trust them and Terri, and I'm certain they'd do a better job on it than I ever could.

Terri is set to produce the movies with Simon Kinberg, and they're hoping to have picked the director within the next few weeks. They're also hoping to start filming this fall in Canada (with the worst case scenario being filming in the spring).

All of this sounds good, and it seems like things are moving on track. But when it comes to the movie industry - which is notoriously finicky - I won't be 100% sure that the movie is going to be made and released until the day it finally premieres. However, I am cautiously optimistic about things right now.

As of this point, though, a director has not been picked and nobody has been cast. I would like to once again reiterate that I have no idea when/where casting will be done, nor am I going to choose the actors/actresses. I get a lot of emails/comments about people wanting to audition, and honestly, I'm the wrong person to talking to about that.

 So there's all that. That's what I know for now, and as I soon as I know more, I promise to update you all.